GoFundMe Suspend Fundraising Page


Unfortunately Greg’s medical licence is not the only suspension to have taken place at this time. Our GoFundMe campaign organised by a team of doctors who believe in Dr. Emerson and his integrative work was also suspended on 25 Sept having reached $45,742 of our $50,000 goal. GoFundMe is a platform for people to raise money for what they are passionate about and yet our freedom of choice as to where we can donate has also been taken away from us. We are currently working on Plan B and will let you know as soon as we have a new strategy in place.


Dr Greg Emerson Suspended


On Thursday 12 September 2019, the Australian Health Practitioners Regulatory Authority (AHPRA) suspended Dr. Emerson on the grounds that “parasites, mould, heavy metals and nutritional deficiencies are unorthodox diagnoses and he is putting patient’s lives at risk”.

Despite there being no complaints from patients and no adverse outcomes against him in over 33 years of practicing medicine, AHPRA concluded that Dr. Emerson “poses a serious risk to persons and it is necessary to take immediate action to protect public health or safety”.

Most patients come to the clinic having already seen other specialists and the intent to consult with Dr Emerson on chronic conditions and any possible underlying causes that may have been overlooked. Our patients are now without their doctor and their treatment, ongoing support and continuation of care has now been jeopardised.

With our patients support we will fight this decision.

Please join us in fighting this unjust situation not only for Dr Emerson, but for all health practitioners and patients who should be allowed freedom of choice to select their healthcare approach.

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