Journey from professional athlete to mitochondrial psychonaught
Speaking with Ryan O'Connor from the Stag Roar Podcast on a variety of subject matter including why I was a successful professional athlete, why understanding mitochondria is critical to optimal health, why I love cold water so much and why seafood and mushrooms are critical in our evolution.

Riding in the Saddle and not the Armchair
Speaking with Chris Desmond from the ‘Uncomfortable Is OK” Podcast, Dr Greg Emerson shares his 7 principles of health.

Chronic Infections and Autoimmune Disease
Dr Greg Emerson discusses the role of chronic infections and mould in the pathogenesis of autoimmune disease. He also discusses the challenges of being both a doctor and a permaculture farmer

From ER Physician to Functional Medicine and Permaculture
Dr Greg Emerson discusses the lessons learnt on his 30 year journey from a senior ER Physician to a Functional Medicine Specialist, Permaculture Farmer and Wilderness Explorer.

The Finasteride and Low Testosterone Catastrophe
Dr Greg Emerson discusses his experience in correcting the biochemical imbalances that may contribute to the catastrophic problem of low testosterone levels in some uses of the prescription drug finasteride

The Great Lyme Disease Controversy
In this podcast, Dr Greg Emerson discusses some of the controversies (and why they should not be controversial) about and solutions to, the disease known as Lyme

Intermittent Fasting, Mitochondria and Brown Fat
In this Podcast Dr Greg Emerson discusses how intermittent fasting improves energy and weight loss.