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How would you like to optimise your health, increase your vitality and delay the ageing process? This website is about helping you optimise your health and vitality. It’s about moving the metabolic see-saw back towards anabolism (building) and away from catabolism (breaking down). It’s about not worrying about how old we are chronologically but about focusing on how we feel, look and perform. About how much energy we have to enjoy life. If your health has already suffered, then the material here will start you on the journey to reclaim and prolong it.

Many of us, despite leading a relatively healthy lifestyle, choose to ignore the warning signs of impending problems. We then find that the illness does not respond well to focused, symptom based, diagnosis driven therapies. To restore health and vitality, the focus must always be on discovering the underlying cause of the illness. The search can initially often be disheartening and frustrating. However, to maximise the chance of recovery, it requires a refusal to accept that there is no answer.

My mission is to uncover the secrets to maximising the body’s natural defenses against illness, accelerating recovery and delaying any decline in health and vitality. To encourage prevention of illness, rather than waiting for it to appear and then treating it with drugs or surgery.

Our average life expectancy has increased, however our quality of life has decreased because of the epidemic of chronic degenerative diseases associated with the ageing process. As a population, we need to move from “living short, dying long” to “living long, dying short.” Degenerative diseases such as hypertension, osteoporosis, heart disease and diabetes are now so common that we have come to accept that they are a natural part of the ageing process. We accept that they start when we turn 40 and that we will need to be on a considerable amount of medication by the age of 60 to keep us mobile. Social proof is one cause of this— when we are unsure how to be healthy and what to expect from the ageing process, we look around to see what everybody else like us is doing and expecting. I do not believe that degenerative diseases, illness and cancer are inevitable consequences of ageing. We all desperately need to raise our expectations. Many populations overseas expect to be fit, healthy, free of medication and full of energy at age 100.

Nor is your future set in your genes. Your genes provide your body with guidelines, not rules. Recent evidence proves that our lifestyle and environment have a significant role to play in the ageing process and also determine the amount of damage inflicted on our genetic material. The more damage to our genetic material, the faster we age and the more prone to cancer we are.

This website outlines the core principles for health, vitality and longevity. That includes strategies for overcoming our modern lifestyle problems of hormonal imbalance, excessive free radicals, high glycaemic foods, food and chemical sensitivities, chronic infections, excessive harmful fat intake and toxic heavy metal burdens. In my oprinion these problems are the root cause of almost all of our chronic degenerative diseases. We do have natural defense systems against these stresses, however in most of us these systems are rapidly becoming overwhelmed.

The information documented here is not designed to tell you how to live your life, but to provide you with the information which will allow you to make informed health choices for yourself. Many people worry that changing their lifestyle will cause a reduction in their quality of life. This is not correct. A healthy lifestyle gives you increased energy and sharpened focus. Quality of life is markedly reduced by the onset of degenerative diseases. No one would debate that quality of life is impaired if they can’t recognise family members because of Alzheimer’s dementia, if they can’t walk because of arthritis or they can’t breathe normally because of heart disease. It is important that we live a healthy life, not because we want to avoid illness, but because life is a gift and we need vitality to appreciate every day. The benefits from following a healthy, natural lifestyle with the goals of vitality and longevity can include freedom from degenerative diseases, prevention of cancer, improved strength, increased energy, delayed aging, sexual vigour, improved concentration and good memory.

You can decide to start valuing your health now or wait until you have a wake-up call from a major illness or degenerative disease. The problem is that most of these diseases have a very slow fuse and develop insidiously over a long period of time. By the time you are aware of the illness, the degenerative processes may have been progressing for years. The bodies healing system is like flying an aeroplane with an autopilot- it’s a much better flight with the autopilot switched on making minor adjustments all the time, rather than frantically trying to turn it on as the plane freefalls. Prevention is a much more effective strategy than treatment.

In ancient China, doctors were remunerated according to how few sick patients they had in their community. They were teachers of health, rather than treaters of symptoms. That’s how it was then, that’s the way it should be now.

“Native people everywhere discovered essentials of life and following fundamental nutritional laws, lived in harmony with nature. Modern civilisation has chosen to ignore these fundamental truths. The wisdom of native societies in understanding laws of nature and living in harmony with these laws is a treasure humanity must not lose if we ever wish to regain our lost strength and resistance to disease.

Though many today would prefer otherwise, nutrition is not a matter of opinion; nor are moral ideals of truth, honesty, integrity, loyalty and service that have been held in common in traditional societies for thousands of generations. The price of societies decision to ignore natural laws governing these fundamental aspects of human life is the physical and spiritual bankruptcy threatening Western Society today.”
Ronald Schmid.

Dr Emerson was recently interviewed on ‘Know the Cause’, the most popular health television programme in the US.

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