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Why Women Should Know How They Metabolise Estrogen 2 December 2015

We are living in a sea of estrogenic substances…plastics, pesticides and soy. When we metabolise estrogen, we metabolise it either to 20H estrone or 16OH estrone. 2OH estrone is very protective against cancer and the proliferative effects of estrogen. 16OH estrone throws petrol on the flames of the estrogenic fire.
Every woman should know how they metabolise their estrogen. Its an easy urine test. Research shows that the risk of endometriosis, breast and ovarian cancer (and prostate cancer in men) is much lower if we make twice as much 2 as 16.

This person had recently been diagnosed with breast cancer. That’s not the best time to have this test done because cruciferous vegetables, and extracts from them like DIM…can be used to change the way the estrogen is metabolised.

The first concept they teach you on day one of Krav Maga training (the Israeli military self defence system) is…. “the answer to what should I do if I am in a dark alley at 3am being approached by 3 people…is don’t be in a dark alley at 3am.”
Lesson- prevention is better than cure.
The next thing we learnt was how to break a choke hold, poke someone in the eye, kick them in the nuts and run.

Lesson- don’t worry about the fancy stuff. Get the basics right. Get advice from people getting the results. Ignore those who aren’t. Adapt, improvise and survive. Never give up. Be the hardest working person in the room.

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