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Why I Juice Dandelion Leaves 7 April 2016

Last night I juiced the dandelion leaves, cleaned the roots and put the roots in the dehydrator. I’ll powder the roots tonight so I can add them to my blended drinks. Can someone please come up with a sexier word than “smoothie” please?

Dandelion is minerally hungry. It sucks minerals out of the soil. Not good for the nearby plants, but good for us if we know how to use dandelion.

I will write tomorrow about the concept of hormesis. How the stress that the dandelion learns to thrive in, is one of the main reasons it has such health promoting properties.
Don’t mow it. Don’t poison it.
It’s a friend that seems to follow us around the world, offering us great health.
Run with it I say.
Embrace the Tooth of the Lion.
Rejoice in the Dandelion.

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