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Why I Have Breakfast at 7PM 15 January 2016

Yes absolutely breakfast is the most important meal of the day.
Breakfast is when we break our fast.
Yes I am a hunter.
I have hunted for millions of years.
When I hunt I run and jump and throw and walk. I don’t eat much because it is my food that I’m hunting.
While I’m hunting my sympathetic nervous system is engaged. It’s my fight/flight motherboard.
My sympathetic nervous system keeps me alert, fast, reactive, dangerous.
It doesn’t use much energy for digestion because I have nothing to digest and my energy is better used for the chase.
While I hunt I get my energy from my glycogen stores. Once they have run out, I started getting my energy from burning fat.
I have trained my body to burn fat for energy.
Once the hunt has been successful I return home.
I wash in some cold water. Stimulating my brown fat that burns energy to keep me warm.
I then sit around the fire with my friends while we cook the rewards of the hunt together with some berries, weeds, roots, shoots and mushrooms.
I’m relaxed.
We tell tall tales embellishing the events of the day and sing to celebrate.
My sympathetic nervous system switches off and my parasympathetic nervous system turns on.
My parasympathetic nervous system is about repair and digestion. It can now digest efficiently. It restores my glycogen reserves. The nutrients I absorb don’t go to storage in fat because they are being stored as glycogen.
I am fast and lean. The fasting I have done all day and the cold water immersion keeps me healthy, athletic and I will live a long, healthy, happy life. I don’t know it but the fasting and cold water has stimulated a hormone in my body called FGF21 which has created this magic.
I am a warrior.

Or….I can wait until a scientist finds a way to turn FGF21 into a drug so someone can make a lot of money and I can sit in front of my TV, eat pizza and still be fast and lean and healthy and happy and long lived.
“He added that although FGF21 can be boosted by fasting, ‘we will also look to developing a way to mimic calorie restriction to enhance immune function without actually reducing caloric intake.”

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