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Why I Exercise Like My Ancestors 21 June 2016

It is also becoming clear that not only should we eat according to the ancient, sacred knowledge in our genes…but we should also exercise like our ancestors.

How did they exercise? They didn’t really- they moved.
How did they move?
Slowly walked- for long periods of time.
Short bursts of high energy sprinting.
Short bursts of lifting, throwing, climbing.
I walk around my farm.
Sometimes I sprint up hills.
I lift hay bales and bags of chicken food. I swing kettle bells.
I balance on logs.
I climb trees.
Hang from branches.

As they say in the new Tarzan movie:
“Your husbands wildness disturbs me.”
Oh and not to forget, I increase the number and effectiveness of my mitochondria.
Wild mitochondria???
If I could play a musical instrument I think that’s what I’d call my band.
Get wild.
Get disturbed.

“The answer lies in our biochemistry. For starters, exercise makes our cardiovascular system and muscles stronger, making everyday chores easier. On a cellular level, this transformation starts with our mitochondria, the “power houses” of our cells that are responsible for energy production. And different exercises affect our mitochondria in different ways.
It’s called a “polarized training” program, as first described by Stephen Seiler. The idea is that top athletes generally do a lot of training at low intensities but also include a small amount of very high-intensity workouts. The perfect ratio appears to be about 80 percent low intensity work with 20 percent high intensity training.”

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