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Why I Eat Like My Ancestors 20 June 2016

I am a hunter and I am a gatherer.
To understand our future, we have to understand our past.

  1. on my 5 point nutritional checklist is “eat like our ancestors.”
    So today let’s have a look at our ancestors.
    Let’s have a look at the time line.
    Remembering that it takes about 25,000 years for genetic adaptations to appear in humans.

Hominids are our prehuman ancestors.
They split from the apes about 7 million years ago.
Initially they consumed fruits, nuts, leaves, insects, eggs and probably small mammals. Much later they became hunters.
2 million years ago homo erectus arrived (picture 1). He had a large brain, stood upright used tools, made fire, lived in tribes, hunted and gathered.
Then homo erectus splintered into several smaller gropus= homo neandertalis (picture 2), homo habilis and homo sapiens (picture 3). See Dr Greg Emersons Cedar Springs Farm facebook Page for pictures.
Homo sapiens evolved in Africa about 200,000 years ago. About 60,000 years ago about 150 of those 5000 early homo sapiens left Africa to explore the rest of the world.
Fossil records suggested we could live to 94 if we avoided trauma. This is consistent with modern hunter gatherer populations such as the iKung.
Agriculture starred in Egypt about 7-8000 years ago.
Since then out brain size, strength, muscularity, resilience and bone density has declined.

So if I want to eat like my ancestors, and I do because I want to honour my anthropological heritage and celebrate my neo-aboroginal life ways…then I would mainly eat:
- wild plants (vegetables, weeds and a small amount of seasonal fruit) full of medicine and stress activated nutrients.
- nuts and seeds
- meat, fish and eggs

“There is no such thing as learning if you’re not doing it.”
Marc Angelo Coppola

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