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Why Biofilms Must be Addressed 11 July 2016

Chronic bacterial and fungal infections cover themselves in a layer of snot called a biofilm. It’s a slimy suite of armour that prevents antibiotics from reaching them.

I have discussed frequently how any chronic infection condition, whether it be mould, Lyme, mycoplasma or any autoimmune disease with a chronic infection as the root cause…must have a mitochondrial repair component to the treatment programme.

Well it must also always have a biofilm busting component to it as well.

As Einstein said, out of clutter find simplicity. And in the end, with chronic infections, ultimately we must do two things- kill the infection and repair the mitochondria. But in order to kill the infection, we must always bust the biofilm.

I always use a combination of both black seed oil and berberine because both, as well as beating up the biofilm, also kill both bacteria and fungi.

“Recent studies have demonstrated that medically relevant fungi such as Candida albicans and Aspergillus fumigatus also form biofilms during infection. These fungal biofilms share many similarities with those of bacteria,”

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