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We Need to Lift Our Game Against Fungi 18 July 2016

I keep my immune system strong.
I consume foods high in natural medicines and which convert to sugar slowly in my blood stream.
I keep my environment free of mould.
I build my resilience.
I take my berberine and black seed oil twice a day every day.
I refuse to be a victim.
I choose to be proactive and take responsibility.
There is a million year old war going on between us and pathogenic microbes.
We have become lazy. Relying on medications to save us while we party on oblivious to the rising threat.
Didn’t work for Rome.
“Candida auris is a pathogenic yeast species that has been reported to cause bloodstream infections, wound infections, and otitis. It has also been cultured from urine and the respiratory tract. Unlike other pathogenic yeast species, C. auris appears to have a propensity for transmission between hospital patients. It is commonly resistant to the first-line antifungal, fluconazole and can develop resistance to other classes of anti-fungal agents.”

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Dr Emerson was recently interviewed on ‘Know the Cause’, the most popular health television programme in the US.

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