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We Must Learn From History to Avoid the Mistakes of the Past 1 November 2011

It’s 10 o’clock on Tuesday night. Near the end of the first day of November. I have just got back from walking my two dogs. Walking along pitch black roads of the Gold Coast hinterland. Just me, two dogs, the crescent moon and a few stars. No noise, no cars, no phone towers, no street lights. Time to think without the modern world imposing. I’ve been up since 5am. I got up and fed my farm animals. Hopped in my old Honda Accord and in 15 minutes I left the country roads and entered the busy motorway. Bluntly reminded of the new world I spend my day in. I worked hard in my clinic all day for 10 hours without a break. Re-entered the motorway and finally got home to cook some dinner, water my vegetable garden and fruit trees, check the animals and walk the dogs.

I write best at extremes of emotion, which is why I’m writing now. I should be in bed, getting some rest for tomorrow but I really want to get these feelings down now. Why? Because I lost more chickens tonight. A dog bust though my fence during the day at the same time that some of my chickens had escaped from their fenced area. They have a beautiful area of protected pasture to roam around in but if they really try hard, they can fly over the fence. They do that at their peril. It’s normally a win-win situation. I provide them with food, water and protection and they provide me with eggs. Now here is the frustrating thing…. they have no reason to fly over the fence and lose the protection. They can have all their needs met in their own protected area. But the really frustrating thing is that they don’t learn from history. The same chickens that watched through the fence as their companions were torn apart by the jaws of a dog will be trying to hop over the fence tomorrow. It was a reminder for me that we need to learn from history and not necessarily follow the crowd…if we want to survive in this world. In fact we should aim for more. We should learn from the past, avoid the same mistakes and to borrow a useful phrase from Daniel Vitalis…both survive and thrive “through all circumstances”.

I learn a lot from many experts. Richard Russell is an expert in finance. I always read and enjoy his newsletter. He recently fell and broke his hip. I’m an expert in health. I should send him my newsletter on how to keep our bones strong! I read his newsletter tonight while having dinner. Let’s have a look at some of the points he makes that we need to learn from:

  • Angry anti-Wall Street crowds are forming in 250 cities around the world. It’s only just started but “this is an acorn that could grow and grow rapidly.”
  • Watching the daily price of gold is a waste of time. The real question is “how much of your assets are in gold?” At one time, wealth was measured in how much gold you owned. “This is all you have to know about gold.”
  • Every minute, the world’s central bankers print 2 million dollars of new currency. Jim Grant writes- “Gold is an expression of the worlds distrust of the way our central bankers conduct their affairs.”
  • The total military budget of the worlds nations is now $966 billion and 40% of that is from the US. The most expensive thing any nation can do is fight a war, the next most expensive is to prepare for a war. The US has essentialy been in a war since 1941. Russell believes that the US is now preparing for a possible war with China.
  • 46 million Americans are now on food stamps and 22.5% of their mortgages are underwater.
  • Russell believes that conditions in the US will only get worse until there is a massive revolution in the way the country is run. He believes that the government and police will overreact. Police will shoot protestors with no reason and police will be shot in return.

Now I’m no expert in politics, finances or the “military-industrial complex” and I don’t know how to fix what lies ahead for the world. But I am an expert in health and survival under adverse circumstances. My plan is to study history and learn. Be prepared. Be in the best possible health to survive and thrive in any circumstance. Learn from nature. Adapt. Grow.

My medical career has taught me a lot, as has my diving career, living on a farm, the trauma of a failed 20-year marriage and a family divided, recovering from illness and losing all my assets. I won’t make the same mistakes again. Nor will I watch through the fence as my friends and family are threatened. I won’t be a chicken. Here are some of the lessons we can all learn from my experience. Make the most of them. Don’t jump the fence.

  • A number on a computer screen is not money. Paper is not money. Paper is currency. Take responsibility for your own money, just as you should take responsibility of your own health. No one cares as much about either of them as you do.
  • I came home one night last week to find one of my goats had left the comfort of her pasture, pushed uncomfortably under two fences and entered my neighbours dry, barren, desolate horse run. The horse had kicked her and she was lying down, distressed with a compound fracture of her right front leg. I rang several emergency after hours vet hospitals to get some assistance. No one would come out to help. “You are a doctor aren’t you?”
    “Well put a splint on it and bring her down in your car”
    “Umm….she’s a big goat who is distressed with a large bone sticking out through the skin of her leg”
    “And I have an old Honda accord. There’s no room.”
    “Well I’m sorry but we can’t help unless you get her here.”

Eventually I got hold of an old-school, very helpful, rural vet. She came out and helped me put her down. Finally out of her misery.”

The lesson? The system won’t save you. The system is over-whelmed and under-funded. Be a sovereign state. Take responsibility of your own health. Don’t live a lifestyle with a cost and expect the system to pay for it. To survive and thrive in the upcoming challenges, we will need to be as fit and healthy as possible.

  • I spent the last few weeks chain-sawing large parasitic trees down and pushing heavy loads up steep hills. I’m nearly 50. At the age of 36, the first sign of my impending ill health was musculoskeletal breakdown. I became catabolic, not anabolic. My Achilles tendon degenerated and snapped, my back was constantly painful, the cartilage in my knee degenerated and tore and my shoulders froze. I ignored the warning signs. Worse was to come. Finally I studied health instead of illness. I listened to my body. I adapted. I learnt. I adopted daily disciplines. Now, many years later, I put my body and fitness through stresses and tests that I didn’t even do when I was a professional athlete and I pass with flying colours.

The lesson? Be a student of health, not of illness. Adopt some daily disciplines. Don’t just read what I write daily on Facebook….do it.

  • I had a patient this week who was depressed and suicidal. He wanted to shoot himself. He had a gun and a plan. He agreed to go to a private psyciaitric hospital. I rang around. They were all full and had massive waiting lists. He would have to go to a public emergency department. I worked in them for 20 years. They are even more over-whelmed.

Lesson? The system is overwhelmed. It can’t cope. It won’t be there to save us. Mental illness is an epidemic and is only getting worse with our nutritional deficiencies, hormone imbalances and toxic exposures. There is always a cause…find it and treat it before it gets bad.

  • I had a large number of people this week recover from illness after they had their mercury amalgams removed and infected root canals removed from their mouths.

The lesson? Mercury is a known neurological poison. It doesn’t belong in our mouths. Root canals are always infected. Infection in the mouth causes systemic disease. We have known that since Weston Prices work in the 1920’s. Learn from history.

  • I had several people come in this week having hypersensitivity reactions to fluoride in the tap water. Fluoride is an industrial toxin and can damage the thyroid, brain and bones. It is being banned by an increasing number of countries overseas.
  • A large study came out this week showing that the lowest mortality for women was with a cholesterol level between 5 and 7. Outside those levels, the risks increased dramatically.

Lesson: old paradigms need to be re-assessed. If they don’t make sense they probably aren’t right. Cholesterol is the main part of the cell wall, a healer and protector of tissues against toxins and the substance that all hormones are made from.

  • A nurse came to see me from an aged care home. She said the home is full of men and women in their 60’s with severe Alzheimers disease. There is a waiting list to get in. They live out the rest of their lives hidden away, with no memory of what they are missing out on. No memory of their families.

Lesson: something is going wrong when we have epidemics of mental illness and dementia. What’s the answer? It’s the toxins in our environment. We have polluted our own nest, yet the consequences of this are being hidden away out of site. Just as all the human consequences of all the wars we keep fighting are.

  • I moved to a small farm in the country a year ago for many reasons. It would be a tough life on my own. I knew that but I had to recover financially from losing everything in the GFC, I had to recover emotionally from a failed marriage, I wanted to learn survival skills and I wanted to work on myself…to become the person I knew I could be but had never become. I chose not to look for a relationship. I wanted to concentrate on myself for a while. I wanted to find the man I knew I was but had never been. I found him. When I did, someone ‘knocked on my door”. It was a woman who had been looking for the feminine energy she had always wanted to be but had never been able to be. She had found it.

Lesson: be the person with the values you want to attract into your life. I chose to be honest, loving, healthy (in that order), fun and forgiving. That’s what I attracted. I also chose to be grateful. I still am.

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