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This Is What Gives Me Hope 16 August 2011

As our world faces perhaps unprecedented challenges, we all need hope. We have been told so many lies. Lies about the safety of drugs and vaccines, about the benefits of genetically modified food, about fluoride and chlorine in our water, about why we go to war, about chemicals in our environment, about the value of paper money, about why some countries are bankrupt while large international banking corporations are bank-rolled by digital money, about the risks of radiation, about who the real terrorists are, about the causes of famine. As is always the case, when one lie is told, it starts a ripple in a pond of ongoing lies to cover for the first. Our world is buried so deep in dishonesty that at times it is hard to see any light.

It is when the light grows dim for me that I think about the words from Enigmas ‘Cross of Changes’

If you understand or if you don’t
If you believe or if you doubt
There’s a universal justice
And the eyes of truth
Are always watching you

I do have faith that a universal justice exists and it will be served on those people who have created these lies and not lived with integrity. However faith is not and can not be passive and requires those of us who have had our eyes opened to take a stand in whatever small way we can. It will require intelligent preparation, a fight, a resistance and a decision that these lies will no longer be tolerated. That is all yet to come and there will be pain and loss in the process. Nonetheless on the other side lies justice, integrity and peace. That is what I hope for. In the meantime we should all get educated, get healthy, lead by example and get prepared. Then we can wish.

This is what I wish for:

  • To leave behind a better world, one based on integrity, that is filled with love, light and hope for my 2 daughters
  • To have lived an honest life, having made at least one persons time on earth better for me having lived
  • To die an honorable death with the one person who loves me unconditionally forever, beside me, holding my hand.

That is all I want.

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