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There Is Always a Cause of Thyroid Inflammation 18 July 2016

When the thyroid gets inflamed it can do one of three things:
1. Go fast- Graves disease.
2. Go slow- Hashimotos disease.
3. Continue to function “normally” until one of the other two inevitably develop.
Treatments involve destroying the thyroid in Graves or supplementing with thyroid hormone in Hashimotos.
But what about if we asked why the thyroid was inflamed in the fist place?

Well the thyroid has some defence mechanisms that might be deficient:
1. Iodine.- sea vegetables are the best source.
2. Selenium- Brazil nuts are the best source.
Then we need to consider that we are living in a world of thyroid poisons (and most of us have a genetic predisposition to thyroid disease)
- plastics
- pesticides
- chlorine
- fluoride
- soy
- gluten
- raw cruciferous vegetables

So…minimise those.
But…if we are doing all that and the thyroid still goes pear-shaped then there are some specific thyroid catastrophes that should be looked for…because if corrected the thyroid can return to normal.

1. Viruses- especially Epstein Bar Virus.
2. Yeasts
2. Infected root canals.
These are the pictures (see Dr Greg Emersons Cedar Springs Farm Facebook Page) of the tests of someone I reviewed recently with Graves Disease. Correct these and their Graves will go away.
Picture 1: Catastrophically low zinc levels. Low zinc sabotages the immune system.
Picture 2: Infected root canal (notice that dark black areas at the base of the roots)
Picture 3: Test showing persistent EBV infection years after her episode of glandular fever. EBV is said to disappear after a few weeks. It may not.
Picture 4- a picture Of a yeast cell. Oh wait, no there is no picture, but you can bet the shirt of your back that it’s hanging around like a vulture circling the zebra carcass on the African plains.

I don’t make this stuff up.

“The world is full of obvious things which nobody by any chance ever observes.”
Sherlock Holmes

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