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The Future Is In Our Hands 15 November 2011

Gerald Celente’s latest Trends Research Journal covers a lot of the recent international social and economic upheavals. Almost all of these, revolve around an intrinsic loss of integrity. That is so important. I’m tired of the lies. I’m tired of the lies about mega rich bankers and what they do with our money. I’m tired of the lies of some Western countries for why they seem to be perpetually at war. I’m tired of lies about radiation leakage and the safety of fluoride and the safety of some vaccines. I’m tired of the lies about the necessity of killing foreign leaders and their families and the children in their countries. I’m tired of the lies about weapons of mass destruction. I’m tired of the lies about the necessity of perpetually printing more digital money. I’m tired of the lies about the necessity of some modern medicines. I’m tired of the lies about child sexual abuse and child pornography. I could fill a book but I’m not going to. Because I’m not qualified to judge. There was a time in my life when I was less than honest. That is not the case any more. I’m proud of that.

So I’m not going to stand in judgment over these people who lie constantly. God will do that and they must eventually do it to themselves. It’s the last paragraph in Celentes 40 page newsletter which has all the power in it. Celente writes:

“My belief is only ‘you’ have the right and responsibility to judge yourself. Did you live your life in accordance with your conscience? For me, ‘Hell’ would be taking that last breath of life and knowing that I lied to myself; that I was not the person I claimed to be.”

He then gives his solution to the world’s problems:

“For a true civilisation to arise from the chaos of the present- all who understand the necessity for action must take action. Don’t wait for a leader to lead you, lead yourself. Do something!”

It’s good advice. I’ll take it. I’ll take responsibility for my actions. I’ll take responsibility for my emotional, physical, financial and spiritual health. I won’t abdicate that to someone else. I’ll make sure that I am the person I claim to be. I’ll be a sovereign state. I’ll take action. I’ll do something. I’ll take my future in my hands and cherish it. I’ll leave the world a better place for my two daughters.

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