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Shanghai Co-operation Organisation 15 January 2012

“It seems to me that this is a trend that can no longer be turned around. The US government’s budget is, in fact, the biggest thing in the world; it won’t be turned around, because it is like a gigantic snowball rolling down a hill. It will only stop when it smashes into the village at the bottom of the valley. The best thing you can do is capitalize on it as well as you can and get out of its way while you do”.
Doug Casey

It’s sometimes easier to go through life with ones head in the sand but eventually something is going to bite you on the ass. Issues in health are reflected in greater world events. It’s easy for a while to ignore our health until eventually an illness comes along that demands our attention. Little clues are left along the way- a little pain here, fatigue, a rash there but it’s easier to slap some steroid cream on that and go about our daily business. Life is stressful enough as it is without adding more. Eventually though, those little clues become a gigantic snowball rolling down the hill. When that happens, our tendency is to go running to the “system” to save us. But the system is lost and overwhelmed. The health system is over-whelmed, just like most of the world’s economies.

Richard Russell is his January 11, 2012 newsletter talks a lot about taking action to avoid pain. With the massive inflation that is coming due to incessant bail-outs and the creation of fiat “digital” money he is urging all his subscribers to get into gold:

“Gold alone is the world’s only completely safe currency. Gold has no counter-party against it, and no central bank has ever found a way to create gold. Gold can only be produced by the sweat, ingenuity and capitalisation of men.”

Bailouts continue in Europe and the destiny of Europe will in a big part be determined by whether Greece defaults and leaves the Euro. France has had its credit rating down-graded and Germany seems paralysed by indecision. However what does require a lot of attention, and the pulling of one’s head out of the sand is the creation of the Shanghai Co-operation Organisaton (SCO). This is essentially the new economic power. Its two main members are China and Russia, both large gold producers. India and Iran have observer status. All member countries are net purchasers of large amounts of gold.
Bob Chapman in the International Forecaster Newsletter writes:

“This is why the SCO is the future for Asia and promises to become the biggest economic block ever seen. The SCO will represent about half the worlds population, making Europe and America look like two-bit players. The attractions of the SCO seem certain to include a sounder currency than the dollar, euro, pound or yen; if only because all SCO parties are accumulating gold.”

Meanwhile, on our permaculture farm deep in the Gold Coast hinterland it has been another hard weekend of work. The cucumber and sweet potato have been growing so fast we spent time pruning them back. I’ve been putting the cucumber in my daily juice while celery has been hard to come by. Our beetroots are also growing enthusiastically. I have written a lot lately about how important they are for blood pressure control. Now I’m no green-thumb yet it has been very easy for me to grow large amounts of cucumber, beetroot and sweet potato. With inflation coming and food prices set to rise, I think it’s something everyone should be doing. That patch of back-yard grass isn’t going to be edible. Dig it up and plant some food.

We also pruned a lot of trees. The big branches I chopped into fire wood for winter, the medium size ones went to the goats for dinner and anything I wasn’t sure about, will be mulched next weekend. New fence posts holes were marked out to make larger, improved pens for the pigs, goats and the soon to arrive sheep and Welsh Harlequin ducks. It was hard, hot, sweaty summers work. To keep up my hydration, I have been making my own sports drink. I’ll write about it in more detail soon but essentially it contains the juice of a few organic oranges and lemons in the base of Spring Dragon Longevity tea (available at my clinic) and the honey from my bees. It tastes great and its such an easy way to be taking ginseng and schizandra all day.

Despite the hard work, there was time to get out on Saturday night to see George Clooney’s new movie, the Descendants. Wonderfully acted and directed, it was well worth the trip.

In last weeks newsletter I wrote about the 12 basics for health for 2012. I’ve discussed again today the importance of the daily vegetable juice, particularly containing celery, beetroot and pomegranate. I wrote last week about fermented cod liver oil and there was more research out recently describing its benefit in preventing cancer:

“Supplementation of vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids via cod liver oil, one of the few natural sources of both these molecules, may have additive and possibly synergistic anticancer benefits.” (1)

Then if we want to add to that benefit, we would add transdermal magnesium gel (available at my clinic). The research on its ability to prevent cancer, heart disease and chronic neurological degenerative diseases like multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease is profound (2). I put it on after a shower at night. To me it’s like having a portable medicinal spa to soak in.


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