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Eat Like A Bear and Lose Weight 4 July 2017

Eat Like a Bear. The Bear is not confused.
We are the only species on the planet that is confused about what it should eat.
Because we have moved so far away from our natural way of living, our genetic heritage, our anthropological past.
I was reading today about what bears eat:
“Grizzly bears are omnivores. The most commonly eaten plants are the fleshy roots of some plants, fruits, berries, grasses, and flowers. If grizzly bears are on the hunt, their prey can include fish (especially salmon), squirrels, moose, elk, caribou, and deer.”
I like berries. They are the best fruits.
I like cold water. It keeps me calm and centred.
Both activate my brown fat.
Both therefore decrease abdominal fat.
Less abdominal fat- less oestrogen, less diabetes and more testosterone.
I’ll be sitting in a cold waterfall sometime this weekend snacking on mulberries.
“A new study by scientists from China showed that the natural compound from the berries of mulberry, known as rutin, helps to increase the metabolism and thus promotes rapid weight loss. It is important that the weight loss is due to loss that is fat. As it turned out during the tests on an animal model, mulberry extract helps to activate brown fat, which speeds up the breakdown of fat cells (adipocytes) in the subcutaneous adipose tissue.”

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