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Never Give Up 8 May 2016

Right so Plan b of writing at home already met with a few setbacks. I forgot that my internet on the farm is terribly slow and then lo and behold young Texas the goat is rejected on the first day of his life. Rejected by his mother in favour of his first born sister. Now the Spartan in me says I should let nature take it’s course. He was probably rejected because he was too weak/too sick/not strong enough/ bad genes…..
He’s got no chance in life.

Then the “never give up” part of me remembered reading in Roosevelts biography by Edmund Morris:
“Since puberty Theodore Roosevelt had taught himself to pluck the flower out of the nettle danger. Although his physical courage was now legendary, it was not a natural endowment. He had been a timid child, cut off from schoolboy society by illness, wealth and private tutors. Inspired by a leonine father, he had laboured with weights to build up his strength. Simultaneously he had built up his courage “by sheer dint of practicing fearlessness.”

So a long night it might be of a bottle, goats milk, cream, cod liver oil and a little honey. Honey is good for everything.
We do not have to accept the health card we were dealt by our genes or our environment.
We have the power to change it.
We have the power to build resilience.
Be the hardest working person in the room.
PS if anyone here’s some strange crying in the clinic tomorrow….no I haven’t started delivering babies again.

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