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Nature Deficit Disorder 11 November 2015

Every time I see someone who is unwell…I have to decide how much of their problem is:
1. Medical (physiological/hormonal/biochemical/microbiological etc)
2. Psychological- if someone is depressed after the loss of a family member, that’s not a pathology.
3. Toxic- we live in a very toxic world that is affecting all of us
4. Anthropological- most of us are living our lives far from the life that was designed for homo sapiens. I sit in a windowless room all day with a large picture of the wilderness behind me.

I can’t write of the consequences of that existence as well as a Native American chief once stated it looking at a painting in a museum….
“Such is the strange philosophy of the white man! He hews down the forest that has stood for centuries in its pride and grandeur, tears up the bosom of mother earth, and causes the silvery watercourses to waste and vanish away. He ruthlessly disfigures God’s own pictures and monuments, and then daubs a flat surface with many colors, and praises his work as a masterpiece!”

Taking steps in our lives to live more with nature rather than hold dominion over it, seeing ourselves separate from it, is a critical part of staying healthy.

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