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Lessons From the Last Samurai 21 April 2016

Great scene from a great movie.

Lessons for me:
1. Work hard, but also have fun.
2. Maintain situational awareness. Look for clues and don’t ignore them. The fungus on the toenails is a clue, just as much as the lump in the breast. Watch the roof.
3. When the shit hits the fan, seek help from trained people who know what they are doing and are getting the results you want to get. Don’t fight a ninja with a poet, find a samurai.
4. Don’t wait until you get sick to start to get healthy. When the ninja attack is not the time to start sword fighting lessons.
5. Get a good team together. No one can be an expert in everything. No one can get better by themselves. The guy with the sword works a lot better with the guy with the bow at his back.
6. Build strong walls. Resilience is importent in preventing disease. Much easier to get through rice paper walls than a steel door.
7. How I look after my health will likely be how my childen learn to look after theirs. I’m very proud of both my daughters, They inspire me. Be an example, not a lesson.
8. Find a good partner who fights as hard as you do. Critical.
9. Celebrate all wins.

To watch the scene, click here

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