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Lessons From George Washington on Resilience 25 January 2016

I travelled back to Wellington on the weekend to spend time with my parents….both struggling with their health. Travel always gives me lots of time to catch up with my reading.

I continue to enjoy the biography of George Washington. It was interesting to see how many mistakes he made during the war of independence. It was interesting to see how he learnt from his mistakes each time. It was interesting to read how many tried to sabotage his efforts. He worked so hard yet others would let him down. He lead from the front but sometimes didn’t get the result he wanted. When he did get results they would often take longer than expected and smaller than he wanted.

Sound familiar to anyone else?

Then he was given some advice that he heeded from a friend who sent him a letter:

“Heaven has blessed you with a firmness of mind, steadiness of countenance and patience in sufferings that give you advantages over other men. This being the case, you are not to depend on other people exertions being equal to your own. One mind feeds and thrives on misfortunes by finding resources to get the better of them, another sinks under their weight.”
Be the hardest working person in the room. Get knocked down. Get back up and still be the hardest working person in the room.

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