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Latest Podcast- Riding in the Saddle Not the Armchair 4 July 2017

I speak with Chris Desmond from the ‘Uncomfortable Is OK” Podcast
We discuss:
- how to harness determination and will-power
- how pain can be the trigger for life-changing decisions
- the importance of purpose in life
- why Sitting Bull kept the Sioux healthy by leading from the front
- why I’m selling my farm to start the next nomadic hunter-gatherer phase of my life
- selling sunshine to Australians
- why my clinic is changing location and mission statement
- how freezing cold water helps relieve my pain
- why Theodore Roosevelt rode in the saddle and not the armchair
- how my health fundamentals have been modified over the last 10 years.
- how departing from our anthropological heritage is making our species sick.

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