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Intestinal Parasites Can Cause Thyroid Inflammation 21 June 2016

You are sitting in your living room when the sewerage pipe breaks.
Raw sewerage starts creeping over the floor like a lava flow from an active volcano.
“Quick call the plumber” you shout.
“Hello this is your friendly local plumber.”
“Mate, you won’t believe this but I’ve got raw sewerage flooding into my lounge.”
“How you feeling?” casually enquires the plumber.
“Mate….I’m feeling alright…at the moment.”
“Sweet….don’t worry about it then.” Yawns the plumber.
“Really? I’m a bit worried that having poo running all through my house might eventually compromise my health.”
“Nah mate, lots of people have the same problem.”
‘Yeah thanks but lots of other people are obese and having heart attacks and getting cancer but they aren’t being told to stay calm and do nothing.”
Would never happen with a plumber.
Shouldn’t happen with parasites.

There is one layer of cells separating the blood stream form the bowel contents. Parasites and yeasts damage this layer of cells allowing bacteria, yeasts and toxic waste to leak back into the blood stream. These toxins then spread to to other organs causing inflammation.
Sure you might not have diarrhoea spurting uncontrollably from the bowel but having it trickle into the blood stream is probably not good either.

Pictures from a recent patient with blastocystis- see Dr Greg Emersons Cedar Springs Farm Facebook Page
Picture #1 low cortisol from a damaged adrenal gland.
Picture #2 from an inflamed thyroid gland.
Picture #3 blastocystis eradicated.
Picture #4 adrenal gland normalised
Picture #5 thyroid inflammation resolved.

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