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Intermittent Fasting Makes Sense 21 June 2016

The science on intermittent fasting continues to build.
It doesn’t matter if we look at anthropology- how our ancestors lived.
Or we look at hormones- insulin, glucagon and thyroid hormone
Or we look at our nervous systems- our fight or flight sympathetic nervous system which sends energy to our vital organs to ensure survival or our parasympathetic nervous system which controls digestion and regeneration.

It makes sense to reawaken our genetic heritage and learn to burn stored fat for fuel, allowing us to commence eating later in the day…having a longer overnight fasting window. Breakfast strangely enough is when I break my fast. Intermittent fasting provides the same metabolic benefits as calorie restriction without having to count lettuce leaves. I love food. I love to eat. I don’t mind waiting until after the hunt and having it around the fire with the rest of the tribe.

Or as they say in the new Tarzan movie…“Your husbands wildness disturbs me.”
Time to get a bit wild??

“Scientists have investigated the effect of extremely low-calorie diets on a range of illnesses, from autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis to asthma. Other researchers have evidence the diets may help to prevent diabetes and cardiovascular disease, and studies are under way to determine if they can extend survival in cancer patients and reduce side effects of chemotherapy. Periodic fasting shows the most promise in getting rid of bad cells and making good ones for regeneration and can be applied to all kinds of diseases,”

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