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Increasing Beige Fat Important For Weight Loss 28 January 2016

The video with the attached article is interesting to watch.
Everyone here now knows a lot about mitochondria. You know they burn fuel to run and heat the body in combination with thyroid hormone.
You know a lot about brown fat.
You know it is high in mitochondria and helps us lose weight through thermogenesis.
Yes, we could wait for science to develop a way to transplant brown fat into our bodies.

Or, we could use time tested ways to increase it naturally:
1. Periodic juice fasting
2. Cold exposure.

Yes absolutely breakfast is the most important meal of the day.
Breakfast is when we break our fast.
Yes I am a hunter.
I have hunted for millions of years.
When I hunt I run and jump and throw and walk. I don’t eat much because it is my food that I’m hunting.
While I’m hunting my sympathetic nervous system is engaged. It’s my fight/flight motherboard.
My sympathetic nervous system keeps me alert, fast, reactive, dangerous.
It doesn’t use much energy for digestion because I have nothing to digest and my energy is better used for the chase.
While I hunt I get my energy from my glycogen stores. Once they have run out, I started getting my energy from burning fat.
I have trained my body to burn fat for energy.
Once the hunt has been successful I return home….and break my fast.

““This means that probably every piece of our fat has the ability to make these beige cells,” Corvera said. “It means that we could, in theory, trigger these thermogenic cells to form in different parts of the body and that would presumably help with weight loss, which could improve metabolism, diabetes or cardiovascular conditions.”

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