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Part 1. How to Stop Technology and Pornography Destroying Lives 28 August 2016

Right now let’s get to what I really want to write about because as a father I’m really pissed off and we all have a problem that needs to be fixed.

First up a warning- some of the contest of this 3 part series might be offensive to some. It contains sexual references. So if you are offended by content of a sexual nature….skip these posts and stay with parasites.
I’m really pissed off. I read about what is happening to schoolgirls online.
I have 2 daughters. They mean the world to me. I would do anything for them. I consider myself a nice enough person, but I’m Mad Dog Mattis kind of angry when it comes to protecting my daughters (see quote below). I’ve also made mistakes as I have bumbled my way through life but I have addressed them and improved as a person.

But as a society I don’t think we are addressing this new wave of problems and it’s getting out of hand.
Why has Australia just discovered a large underground website where pictures of naked school girls are being swapped like baseball cards and if you aren’t already on there…you are being targeted by a rewards system? Why is there a very small paragraph on page 2 of a national newspaper that says “Men need to learn how to respect and honour women more.”

How did we get to this stage that 1, we need to be reminded of that and 2, why does it just get a single paragraph?
Why is this happening? Why this gross misunderstanding and treatment of young women by young men? I’ve been thinking about it a lot. I’m worried we are seeing the tip of the iceberg which will eventually culminate in the extinction of our species. Big call I know, but hang in there for the 3 parts.
I write a lot about mitochondria and infections and thyroid and parasites….but if we don’t get the stuff I’m talking about today right…none of that stuff matters. What matters? Communication, sexuality and our acceptance of the extinction of our species.

So lets get started. Here’s my PERSONAL journey into this new world. I’m eloquent when it comes to the world of medicine but this stuff is outside my comfort zone so forgive if my fluency fails me today.
Here’s what I’m really good at:
1. Taking a large amount of information and condensing it down into bite size manageable pieces (known as chunking).
2. Pushing myself hard to achieve goals. I do as much as I can do and then do one more. Discomfort and determination become my friends. If it hasn’t hurt, I haven’t worked hard enough.
3. Surviving in the wilderness. Living off the land.
Now of course, there is a flip side to those assets. Where there is reward there is also risk. Dark/light. Hot/cold. They can’t exist without each other.
So conversely, this is what I’m not very good at:
1. Listening patiently to a disorganised stream of consciousness.
2. Softness and sensuality.
3. Technology.

So why am I like this?
What are the forces that have shaped me?
And what implications do these forces that are acting on all homo sapiens have for our future as a species?
I spent a lot of the weekend thinking about the forces that have made me who I am.
1. Family- I come from a family rich in military history and discipline. Both grandfathers, my father and my brother are all military men.
2. My genetics. I had them tested with Ancestry. I’m 60% German, 25% Irish and 15% Viking. When ever I do any psychological testing, I’m classified as “the Field Marshall.” The testers say “oh no that’s terrible” while I’m dancing a jig. The Field Marshall always wants to be the Field Marshall. It’s why I was well suited to running trauma teams. It’s why I work alone now (no one else wants to do the work I do).
3. Life events. Bullying as a child because you look different to everyone else can either make you sink or it can make you use that bitterness you feel to achieve and prove everyone wrong. Neither is a good outcome. Bullying can really mess kids up.

Now those aren’t excuses.
I like who I am. Some people don’t. Too bad. Life’s too short to worry about that. I can’t please everyone.
I like who I am because although I have not changed who I am at my core, I have developed an awareness of my weaknesses and I have worked to improve them.
But I don’t like the way the world is headed.
And that’s because the world has not yet developed an awareness of the terrible trajectory its now on.

So lets have a look at these issues one at a time.
1. Communication and relationships.
I used to think that everyone should communicate like I did. It was very efficient. Take a large amount of material, condense it into manageable size pieces and then communicate it succinctly. It’s how I write these articles on Facebook. It was shaped by my medical training. For many years as a junior doctor you spend time taking a history from a patient then presenting it to a more senior doctor to check if your diagnosis and action plan is appropriate. He or she will have a queue of 10 junior doctors waiting. You get good at communicating succinctly otherwise the specialist gets very pissed off at you. Then you become a senior doctor and now you have a queue of junior doctors lining up to talk to you. They better be succinct otherwise you get very pissed off with them. It’s why I’m very good at what I now do. I pride myself in trying to wade through an enormous amount of information to find the root cause of an illness.
But for a long time it made me a terrible communicator with people in my life with a feminine energy. That has come at a great cost. By the time I learned it, it was too late for many areas of my life. I’m a very masculine guy. I thought that everyone should communicate like I did. But no one teaches you when you are growing up that not everyone communicates like that nor should they. They don’t teach communication in school, they teach algebra. A feminine energy takes a small amount of information and expands it. I take a large amount of information and reduce it. They take a lump of clay and fill it, mould it, colour it into a David. Something beautiful, spiritual, creative, inspiring, poetic. The world needs that. I take a David and turn it into a pile of clay so its more easy to transport in a truck. No colour, no poetry, but at times just as necessary. The world needs both. But we need to understand the difference and embrace it. Learn it. Teach it. If we learned this at school, if masculine energies learned to be present and just listen, without necessarily solving problems…there would be far fewer problems in the world.

Problem: young men do not know how to communicate with young women. They think the womans brain communicates like theirs. Young men are very confused.

Solution- teach communication skills at school. Teach the different ways that people communicate. Teach the essence of both masculine and feminine energies. Teach the different ways people feel love. Teach Stephen Coveys, “seek first to understand, then be understood.” Less algebra, more communication.
Part 2 tomorrow- how young men learn about sexuality from internet porn sites and how it’s destroying lives.

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