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How to Get Around the Proteins That Keep Us Fat 2 December 2015

The further we get down the rabbit hole…the harder it is to get back. We have all experienced unwanted weight gain, we have all experienced sugar addictions. And we all know that the more weight we put on, the stronger our sugar addictions…the harder it is to turn around.

New research now shows why this is so for weight. I think maybe, that the more weight we put on, our bodies must start to think we want to hibernate…so our bodies help us by making it easier to store fat.

It turns out that as our weight goes, up…so too does a protein (sLR11) that makes it even harder to loose….
“On further investigation, the team discovered that the protein binds to specific receptors on fat cells so as to block their ability to trigger thermogenesis and convert fat to heat. Moreover, it appears that sLR11 increases the efficiency of storing energy in fat and stopping any excess being lost to heat generation.”

Problem? Yes.
Well I read a book last year while on holiday by NZ author Sam Pease “Eat Less Crap, Lose that Fat”….after a long battle with weight, she finally lost the weight. Of course she still wanted to have fun…but would watch her weight carefully. If it went up by 3kg…she would put the brakes on again. Good advice.
Or….we could do what the ancient Romans did….a quote from Ori Hofmeklers great book “The Warrior Diet”….“Romans treated overindulgence and its presumed consequence, weight gain, in a variety of ways, such as exercising outdoors, collecting wood, digging, running into the Campis Martius, or taking a dip in the freezing Tiber river. These people had an almost obsessive way of creating checks and balances to their physical and mental states.”

Might be a good idea to do Sam’s strategy over Christmas so we don’t have a take a trip to the Tiber.

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