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How Running Late For a Conference Helped Clean My Sinuses 21 August 2016

I spoke at a nutrition conference on Saturday. My talk was on Pyrrole disorder and the link to Ancestral Health. I did no preparation whatsoever. I kind of figure that if you are an expert in an area and you can’t speak for an hour without preparation, you are probably not the expert you think you are.

I got up early on Saturday morning to make sure that I wasn’t late only to find that the goats had escaped and were merrily eating their way through my herb garden.
Emergency goat herding and fence repair done, I made haste to the hotel in Surfers Paradise where I was presenting. Running a few minutes late, I burst through the swing doors with my usual John Wayne bravado…only to find a single person shuffling a few chairs.
Damn that was a short conference, I thought to myself, it’s over already.
The lovely woman smiled.
“Hi I’m Dr Greg Emerson” I said, “come to speak about my ancestors at the conference”.
“No conference here today honey” she replied.
“Yes, yes there is” I reminded her “see here’s the programme…Dr Greg Emerson 9am, August 27……” as my John Wayne voice declined to a whimper.
“Bugger” I said to myself, now much more Hugh Grant in 4 Weddings than John Wayne in True Grit.
Avoiding panic I went with STOP- Stop, Think, Orientate, Plan.
I had got the 2 conferences I was speaking at mixed up!!!!!
So then I went with adapt, overcome and survive.

Drove back to work, arrived at 11, found the right conference pamphlet. Speaking on “What I learnt from the Apache about nutrition” at 11.30. Hours drive from the venue. Quick text and swapped talk to 1.30 (thank you to the speaker who kindly swapped times with me).
Arrived at Broadbeach at 1 pm. 30 mins to prepare talk.
But wait…..gorgeous day, translucent mid winters water, gentle swell.
Prepare talk or swim?
Swim obviously.
Why (other than the obvious)?…because I wanted to wash out my sinuses.
OK I hear you ask….why did you want to wash out your sinuses you mad AquaMan?
Because just about every chronically sick person I have been doing sinus cultures on is coming back with a heavy growth of staph aureus. So much so that I started to think it might be in everyone.
But this new research says it is not normal. Nor is the mould that always accompanies it.

Take home message:
1. Getting in the sea is more important that preparing a talk.
2. Washing the nose and sinuses is a critical health strategy.
3. A reverence for water immersion or a netI pot are the best ways to do this.

“The Staphylococcus aureus bacterium is commonly known as staph. Many people carry the staph harmlessly in their bodies, in addition to billions of other microorganisms. But it is a different story if this bacterium gets into a person’s blood. S. aureus can quickly spread throughout the body with a possibly deadly infection.
One place to find staph is in the nose. But the researchers found that 70 percent of the population does not carry S. aureus.”

Click here to see the full research article:“”

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