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How Oxygen Gives Us Energy 11 November 2015

Mitochondria and oxygen. We use a lot more oxygen as a healing therapy in the clinic than we used to. It comes from a basic understanding of science and increasing evidence that final common pathway of most degenerative diseases involves decreased oxygen utilisation.

I first leant about oxygen as a therapy in ER. Airway was always our first priority. But it was only when I visited and learnt from Dr William Rea in the Environmental Health Center in Dallas that I started to learn about it’s power in helping heal from chronic disease. And it has only been recently as I have learnt more about the role of decreased oxygen utilisation in degenerative, chronic disease and ageing that I have regularly started to use it as a therapy.

To refresh, the facts and the lessons
Fact 1. Carbohydrates and fats are converted in our liver to glucose and fatty acids.
Lesson- look after your liver and consume healthy foods.
Fact 2: fatty acids + glucose are either used for energy or stored in the liver and fat cells.
Lesson- don’t consume food in excess to ones energy requirements.
Fact 3: Fatty acids and glucose are converted into hydrogen molecules in our cells. Hydrogen molecules then get transferred into our mitochondria. Mitochondria are the oil refineries of our cells.
Fact 4: in combination with thyroid hormone (T3) the hydrogen molecules combine with oxygen to produce water, heat (thermogenesis) and ATP.
ATP is the energy currency of our bodies, just as petrol is the energy currency of our cars.
Lesson: as our thyroid hormone levels decline and our ability to utilise oxygen decays…our energy levels decline. As thyroid hormone levels decline so does our basal temperature (decreased thermogenesis).
Ultimately it is the demise of our mitochondria that predisposes us to disease.
Coming tomorrow- tips what causes impaired oxygen utilisation and what to do about it.

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