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Gratitude is Essential for Inner Peace 10 May 2010

Below is an adaptation of a quote from the recent movie, Book of Eli. It sits on my wall to remind me to be grateful. I have found that spending 5 minutes at the end of each day quietly reminding myself what I am grateful for in life puts many things in perspective and has allowed me to reduce stress levels considerably when combined with my meditation and yoga.

“Thank you for giving me the strength and the conviction to complete the task entrusted to me. Thank you for guiding me straight and true through the many obstacles in my path and for keeping me resolute when all around seemed lost. Thank you for your protection and your many signs along the way. Thank you for any good that I may have done, I’m so sorry about the bad. Thank you for the friends I have made. I fought the good fight, I kept the faith.”

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Dr Emerson was recently interviewed on ‘Know the Cause’, the most popular health television programme in the US.

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