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Environmental Toxins May Damage Brown Fat 8 May 2016

If there wasn’t enough reasons already for us to go organic, go home grown and go wild……research is now looking at the role of environmental toxins and synthetic chemicals in our foods in the obesity and diabetes epidemic. The hypothesis is that these chemicals contribute to the conversion of brown fat to white fat.

Remember that brown fat is brown because it is high in mitochondria.
Mitochondria convert food into energy (ATP) and heat (thermogenesis).
Just like the oil refinery converts oil into petrol for our cars.
Thyroid hormone shovels the food into the mitochondrial furnaces.
White fat is low in mitochondria. It’s where insulin stores fat as an energy store. Storing energy is good. The chipmunk stores a nut in his mouth….that’s smart. He stores 10 nuts…that’s just uncomfortable.
Proven ways to helps convert white fat to brown fat are intermittent fasting, cold water exposure and berberine.

Ben Logan and I will be teaching how to do this on our course in Queenstown.
We will also be feasting in the evening on local, organic and wild foods while sitting around the fire surrounded by the Southern Alps…so we are already all over this research!!! We will probably be telling exaggerated stories of our exploits during the day.

“Steinberg and Morrison’s team will be examining how agricultural and food processing practices may affect brown fat activity directly or indirectly. Research will look at how toxicants such as pesticides or herbicides could alter BAT in individuals in addition to food ingredients such as artificial sweeteners or high fructose corn syrups, says Sternberg.”

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