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Cold Exposure Helps Weight Loss 18 November 2015

My training in the Wim Hof Method…cold water immersion, breathing and yoga has now entered it’s 3rd week. I’m now doing 2 minute cold showers every day and am strangely finding them more pleasant than my usual hot shower. I get out of them invigorated rather than sluggish as usual with a hot shower.

The evidence that cold showers, which is what our ancestors usually participated in, has numerous health benefits continues to grow.

“The NIH researchers have discovered that it is easy to promote their activity. Temperatures between 15˚C and 20˚C exert a cold irritation stimulus on the body. To maintain the normal body temperature of 37˚C, the body initiates a chain reaction that begins with multiple discharges of the hormone noradrenaline. This, in turn, activates the protein thermogenin in the beige/brown fat cells, firing up the body’s thermal power stations, which incinerate the stored fat.

Simultaneously, shivering en-sures that the muscles contract rhythmically, releasing the fat-burning hormone irisin into the blood stream.

This hormone can also transform ‘bad fat’ into ‘good fat’. This is how the body’s mass of brown fat grows and its energy turnover at cooler temperatures increases. After two months of daily ‘cold therapy’ (cold exposure), the calories burned by the participants taking part in the study more than doubled.”

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