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Chronic Infections Causing Neurological Degeneration 20 June 2016

I have been writing about the increasing scientific evidence that chronic degenerative neurological disease is frequently caused by chronic infections in the brain. Chronic neurological degenerative disease can range from autism and behavioural disorders in children, through mental illness in later life and though to dementia/MS etc in the elderly.
The infections cause vascular inflammation that reduces perfusion of the brain.
This will not be seen on an MRI
but a SPECT scan showing blood flow through the brain will often be abnormal.

Picture #1 is the abnormal SPECT scan of a woman in her 20’s I consulted with recently who had unexplained depression nd memory loss.
Pictures 2 and 3 show the chronic infections that she had that were inflaming her brain- mycoplasma pneumoniae, chlamydia pneumoniae, EBV, CMV and HHV6.
For pictures- see Dr Greg Emersons Cedar Springs Farm Facebook page.

Note that the infections, like wolves, often hunt in packs.
Got one, probably have many.

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