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Checklist 2012 8 January 2012

Gold Coast Hinterland, Australia

The trees that are slow to grow bear the most fruit.

2012 is finally here and it is such an exciting time to be alive. The geopolitical climate is poised on a knife-edge. There are so many events to keep up with that it has become virtually impossible to stay on top of everything. One great human need is uncertainty- we get bored if everything is the same every day. Who can forget the Truman Show? But, true to the concept of Yin and Yang, we need the balance of the opposite- we also need certainty. Certainty that there will be food on our plate, clean ear to breathe, a roof over our heads and protection from the elements. Currently the world is in a great deal of uncertainty. The solution- start looking for, appreciating and developing some certainty.

Gerald Celente, director of the Trends Research Institute, agrees:

“What began simply- with grass roots ‘buy local’ movements, farmers markets and community self-sufficiency, has entered a new phase. A new ‘patriotism’, a revived sense of nationhood has already been born, as well as a growing realisation that for a nation to be strong, it has to be independent. To be independent it has to rely on itself, above all.”

Richard Russell, writer of the longest standing financial newsletter is also encouraging his subscribers to head for financial security:

“All man-made money is a liability of the creator and I am afraid that man-made money is ultimately doomed. Gold will be the last man standing as it has been over thousands of years.”

Life on the farm continues to be most rewarding and challenging. This week we planted capsicum, cherry tomatoes and blueberries. The cucumber, beetroots and kumara (sweet-potato) are growing so well that we are having to start pruning them back. The whole process has been fun and easy. I’m spending almost nothing at supermarkets now and just top up what I need from the local farmers organic markets.

We added 3 Khaki Campbell ducks to our menagerie of animals. They are prodigious layers of eggs so now we will have both chicken and duck eggs available. I have decided to breed Pekin ducks for their meat and the Khaki Campbell ducks for their eggs. The local produce store is getting busier and busier. People are slowly waking up to the challenges our world faces and it’s fantastic to see them doing something about it. Back-yard chickens, a few vegetables planted or even some herbs growing on the apartment balcony. It all counts.

I haven’t had to kill an animal for meat yet and have no idea how I am going to do it. Having been vegetarian for 20 years and vegan for 5, it will be a big step. But it’s a step I must take. I’m not prepared to buy slabs of flesh covered in plastic anymore. The animals will have a great life, will be well looked after and protected. Towards the end of their lives they will be killed with much reverence and gratitude for their sacrifice. I will know the quality of the meat because I will have fed them. I will learn not to be wasteful and only kill what I need to be healthy. There will be no waste and no frivolous consumption. I also destroyed my credit card this weekend. I’m tired of living on credit and owing “the system”. I think it’s too easy to live beyond our means. I think it’s too easy to being sucked into servitude to the system. It’s not for me anymore. I will not be anyone’s slave.

I often think back to the pig auction where I purchased my first two pigs. There were 14 of them. Two came with me and now live on green pastures and muddy wallows. Their next door neighbours are happy goats and happy chickens. The other 12 pigs were loaded onto a truck and ended up on a spit-roast at a casino. I think about some of the events of my life, some of the decisions. Which door do I take? The green door leads to one outcome, the red door leads to another. I have been very lucky most of the time- lost at sea off the Coast of the South Island of New Zealand in a fierce storm in a small kayak, running out of air 20 meters under the water on a shark dive in Palau, getting trapped under a white water raft in the Sepik river in Papua New Guinea….. The decisions I made in those circumstances were the right ones. I have also made some decisions in my life that have been the wrong ones. I’ll take responsibility for those too. But I will learn from them and be a better person for it. This year will be a unique time of our lives for decisions that will have far reaching consequences.

Last weekend we also installed a fire-fighter pump at the dam at the bottom of our property. Rain has been in short supply here lately and I was no longer able to provide the garden and animals from water from my rainwater tanks. The pump takes the water from the dam up to a tank at the top of the property which is then gravity fed via a hose to the animals. Unfortunately the nozzle of the suction hose in the middle of the dam was too light and would not stay under the surface of the water. I had to swim out into the middle of the dam to weigh it down more. At least I know there is lots of water there because I could get nowhere the bottom. All I could think of though was the shrieking eels from the movie “Princess Bride”.

Finally, here are my 12 essential habits for good health in 2012. It relies on the concept that the body is “designed to win.” That the habits to stay healthy, happy, energetic and live a long time are the same habits needed to recover from illness. That is a universal truth because it involves living within the laws of nature. The Chinese have known this for thousands of years and developed their tonic herbal system from these laws. Master herbalist Ron Teeguarden writes:

“The bodymind is naturally and innately self-regulatory. Human neurological and endocrine functions have evolved over millions of years as the primary regulatory systems designed by nature to maintain homeostasis even under an enormous variety of stressful conditions, thus allowing the whole system to survive and even thrive.”

So here is the 12-point checklist I use for myself in 2012:

  1. Am I living my life with integrity? That means I’m doing the right thing as well as being honest. There is no other way to spiritual enlightenment.
  2. Have I got the fluoride, chlorine, copper and plastic out of the water I drink and bathe in?
  3. Am I eating organic, local, wild and minimally processed foods, spices and herbs that I grow myself or buy from local farmers markets?
  4. Am I doing some sort of exercise every day- aerobic, anaerobic or flexibility?
  5. In a world depleting my immune system and exposing me to ever increasing dangerous pathogens, am I taking my fermented cod liver oil, reishi mushroom and bovine colostrum every day to boost my immune system? (Available at my clinic).
  6. Am I taking at least one tonic adaptive Chinse herb to balance my endocrine system? The easiest way to do this is to have Spring Dragon longevity tea daily (available at my clinic).
  7. Am I treating myself to a vegetable juice every day to get the anti-fungal, anti-oxidant and anti-cancer minerals and phytonutrients I need?
  8. Am I incorporating a system to help my body detoxify every day? That can be as easy as taking kyolic garlic and sweating and as advanced as coffee enemas.
  9. Am I contributing to the world I live in? Am I doing something to try and leave the world in a better place for my children?
  10. Am I making an effort in my intimate relationship so she knows how much I love her? I may love her but if she doesn’t feel it, she won’t be happy. If there isn’t happiness in our intimate relationships then there is going to be a lot of pain.
  11. Have I taken control of my finances? Am I getting good advice but ultimately taking responsibility for the decisions myself? There will be plenty of green and red financial doors in 2012.
  12. Am I growing? Am I reading something, meditating or praying every day to learn more, be more and get closer to the universal energy we are all a part of?

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