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Clear and Present Challenges and Solutions. 27 February 2011

From Sydney, Australia

The last time I checked birthdays only come once a year. So with the desire to fill my life with as many magic moments as possible, I spontaneously decided to take a rest from ploughing the soil of the Rancho del Reishi and jump on a plane to Sydney to see the new Dr Zhivago musical. It was an extraordinary production. Anthony Warlow as Dr Zhivago, Lucy Maunder as Lara and Martin Crewes as Pasha Antipov were amazing. I have so much respect for people who have artistic and creative skills like they do. It is based on the book of the same name by Boris Pasternak and is the story of Yuri Zhivago, an idealistic Russian physician and poet. It is a tumultuous love story depicted on the tapestry of the Russian Revolution and subsequent civil war. It is a story of love, courage, honor, spirit, poetry, fate, revolution and survival. It’s about a man who chooses love and integrity over following the party policy. It was a timely reminder for me about the revolutionary challenges we face in some countries overseas presently and the choices we have to make about these situations.

Afterwards I thought a lot about the choices I have made for myself and others I am in the process of making. I choose never to have a “not bad” day and to be fascinated rather than frustrated. I choose to believe that I have something to learn from everyone who comes into my life. I choose to believe that it is at times of emotional extremes that I write best and when I am most meditative, I am closest to a divine energy. I choose to believe I do the best I can with the resources available to me at the time, I choose to have faith, I choose to fill my house with beautiful bees wax candles. I choose to try and make a difference and I choose to forgive.

Not long after making my video on forgiveness I met a wonderful 60 year old woman. She was very pleasant but appeared to have been beaten down by life. She was unwell and I could feel a pain emanating from her. It was all encompassing- like a dark storm rolling in over the hills. We talked and she began sobbing. This was not the emotional release of someone with a physical pain but the pain of someone whose spirit had been destroyed. She told me that she had been incredibly close to her mother and younger brother. They all lived in rural Australia. 40 years ago they were all planning to drive to the airport to pick up a family friend. Her brother had to get changed first, but running late, they said they would go without him. Undeterred he decided to join his best friend for a swim in the ocean. He entered the foaming surf and got into trouble. His mate went in after him and neither were ever seen again. For 40 years this lovely woman blamed herself completely for his death. It had pretty much taken her life as well, just in a different way.

I thought about it for days afterwards. I listened over and over to Coldplay singing:

When the tears come streaming down your face
When you lose something you can’t replace
When you love someone but it goes to waste
Could it be worse?
Lights will guide you home

That light always contains the energy of courage, faith and forgiveness. Times are getting challenging for all of us. There is a storm coming. We are not responsible for everything the world throws at us, we just have to do the best we can with the resources available to us at the time. None of us should choose to judge our actions in the past based on our experience and values of today. This woman had done the best she could with the resources she had available to her 40 years ago but had let the consequences destroy the next 40 years of her life. As Dr Wayne Dyer says-

“I forgive myself and then I move on. You can sit there forever, lamenting about how bad you’ve been, feeling guilty until you die, and not one tiny slice of that guilt will do anything to change a single thing in the past.”

I’m not saying there aren’t consequences to our actions, there always are, but those consequences are the lessons we have been sent here to learn. Learn the lessons and then focus on using them to make a difference in the future and to be a better person.

Meanwhile, the revolution continues overseas and we all need to start focusing on survival and being prepared. As my friend Daniel Vitalis says, its not just about surviving under adverse circumstances, but thriving as well. Let’s have a look at some overseas events of the last week that will profoundly impact our lives and then we’ll have a look at what I think we can do as individuals and communities to start turning this around.

  • Christchurch is not far from my home town and experienced nature at its most devastating. It also witnessed human spirit and it’s most inspiring. There were some warning shocks before the big one, there are now warning shocks occurring all over the globe politically and economically. Prepare for the worst, hope for the best.
  • Most of the world continues to get poorer while the wealth of the world gets concentrated in the hands of a few. The poor of the world are starting to realise they can’t get a seat at the table. Here’s the game at the table- many large banks became insolvent a few years ago. They were bailed out by the US Federal Reserve to the tune of $1.25 trillion. It lent the banks the money at about 0% and they then lent it out at about 4%. That’s a sweet deal in anyones book. The problem is, the Federal Reserve printed that money on paper out of thin air. More paper, more inflation. More inflation, higher food prices for poor countries now dependent on the import of grains due to the destruction of their topsoil. When you earn $2 a day and food prices go up by 30%, you can get angry and begin to want a revolution. Revolutions then tend to have a habit of spreading. Or as Richard Russell puts it “there’s nothing more dangerous than a large population that’s hungry and can’t afford food.” Hunger was largely responsible for the French revolution.
  • Fossil fuels are running out, our consumption of them is out of control and access to them from the Middle East may start to get difficult. Physicist Geoffrey West describes it this way:

A human being at rest runs on 90 watts. That’s how much power you need to just lie down. If you are a hunter-gatherer and you live in the Amazon, you’ll need about 250 watts. That’s how much energy it takes to run around and find food. So how much does our lifestyle now require? Well when you add up all our calories and then you add up the energy needed to run the computer and the air-conditioner, you get somewhere around 11,000 watts. We now need more watts than a blue whale, the biggest animal that has ever existed.

West suggests we need to trim our lifestyles to 2000 watts to be sustainable.

  • The US is expected to have more debt than Gross Domestic Product within 7 months. The cost of trying to keep its Empire together overseas is crippling it.
  • The US is not the only country printing money- the UK, Japan, China and India have also been getting in on the act. This is not sustainable. Inflation around the world is starting to spiral out of control. Food and fuel prices will continue to rise.
  • Riots may not be confined to the Middle East and Africa. Over 30 million Americans are now looking for employment. 27% of families in the US now owe more money on their house than it is worth. 59 million Americans have no healthcare and 52 million live below the poverty line. 44 million rely on food stamps but with food prices going up, food stamps are buying less and less. Many US states are bankrupt and can’t print money like the Federal Reserve. Public Servants are reportedly being laid off in record numbers. The Federal Reserve will bail out the big banks, but not the states.
  • Doug Casey describes the Global Economy as being like “jumping off the top of a building- it’s an exhilarating ride until you get to the bottom.”
  • Gerald Celente at the Trends Research Institute feels that the US can no longer compete with China economically. China once only provided cheap labour but now can also supply the innovation and technology. He also feels that the US can no longer take on China militarily either. China now has weapons that can challenge the US in Asian oceans. Iraq and Afghanistan have become an ongoing trillion dollar money dump for the US.
  • Cyber wars are now a reality- software to disrupt nuclear weapons, military capabilities and international finance have already been used. Iran is now 3 years behind on its nuclear path due to a software virus. Repercussions of cyber war are infinite.

So enough about the problems, I’m all about SOLUTIONS. So here goes:

  • Celente states that “those who want to have the best chance of surviving the difficult times ahead must get in shape physically, emotionally and spiritually.” He suggests good food, good water, yoga and meditation. I couldn’t have said it better myself.
  • In response to one of my previous articles, one of my friends e-mailed me and said

“ if only we all lived according to the very simple ethos of permaculture; earth care, people care, fair share. My personal belief is that most of this worlds problems can be solved through community gardening… seems a little idealistic of course, but magic does seem to happen when people come together to accomplish something as simple as learning how to provide for one of their own most basic needs – that of access to nutritious chemical free food. Gardens to me are places from growing far more than just vegetables – people, communities and love can all grow and flourish there too…”

In fact Celente agrees and discusses the rise of the micro-farm. Part of that rise has come about due to the new intensive growing techniques that enable ordinary back-yard gardeners to produce huge yields from small plots – “not only feeding families but also producing a second income while shaking off government controls and the agribusiness conglomerates that have dominated the food industry.” He goes on to say “growing your own fruits, vegetables and herbs is becoming a necessity, not just a hobby.”

It’s great to see what I have been stressing for a long time slowly happening. Locavore is a term to describe the local food movement where people want to eat food they know is organic and local. Roof and community gardens are growing. It’s even reported that a sandwich shop in downtown Tokyo now grows its own lettuce on-site.

Over the next few weeks I will discuss techniques of biodynamic farming we are using to increase yields. These include soil repair, companion plantings, raised beds and hydroponics.

  • Reduce use of fossil fuels and increase use of alternative fuels. The only electrical appliance I have on in my house this evening is my computer. The other light is provided by bees wax candles. It’s a lovely light and all I can smell while I write this is warm honey. Does it get any better than that? My 4wd has gone and I now just drive a small car. The dishwasher has gone. I drink spring water and shower in rain water. It’s time for all of us to get back to a simpler, less energy intensive existence. We can no longer afford to churn through 11,000 watts/day.
  • Don’t do it alone. Find like minded individuals and pool resources and skills.
  • Have emergency supplies stored at home- food, water, torches, batteries, fuel and medical supplies. Make sure you have a store of essential supplements to keep you healthy. I suggest fermented cod liver oil, colostrum from organic grass -fed cows and as many of the medicinal mushrooms as you can get. I have reishi, chaga, lions mane, turkey tail and cordyceps stored. Colostrum is an incredible super food and we can survive on it alone. If you would like to get any of these, I have lots at my clinic or can show you how to obtain them. Be prepared.
  • If you have room, get some chickens to provide you with an ongoing supply of natures most perfect protein- the humble egg.
  • Governments need to come to a new age of honesty and integrity. WikiLeaks proved that these are not currently values of any Government.

The Mayan Prophecy predicts a major disaster in 2012. However, we don’t need a Mayan calendar to tell us the world is facing a crisis. Some things are obvious. Just like we don’t need an economist to tell us the dollar in our pocket buys less. We don’t need a scientist to tell us we need to mow the lawns occasionally and if you are tired all the time, gaining weight, cold when others are hot, your hair is falling out and you only visit the bathroom once/week….then you don’t need blood tests to tell you there is a problem with your thyroid gland.

So…be prepared, forgive while you have time to do so, survive and thrive, make sure you exhaust the words “I love you” and “you are beautiful” this week, choose well and fill your life with magic moments.

As always,

Livin on a Prayer.

Dr Greg Emerson

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