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Black Seed Oil Repels Ticks 18 July 2016

Last week Roby Mitchell asked me about my experience using black seed oil in Lyme disease. Although I use it in just about all cases, because its powerfully antimicobial and dissolves biofilms, it’s hard to assess because I’m always using it in combination with other modalities.
However the key with Lyme disease, like any disease, is to not get it in the first place. And that’s where black seed oil can come into its own. Not only does it afford some early bacteria killing power, it helps to prevent tick bites in the first place
I live on a farm.
I’m constantly in the wilderness.
So if you’re wandering in the bush and come across some giant Tarzan wannabe that smells like turpentine and fire ant juice….yes it’s likely to be me.
And I won’t have a tick on me.

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