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Bacterial Communication and Why We Need to Boost Our Immune System 28 July 2013

This is a must read and watch to understand what we are dealing with in terms of chronic bacterial and fungal infections. It explains why it is sometimes so hard to recover from these illnesses like Lyme, mycoplasma and mould illnesses.These are very complex organisms that have developed sophisticated systems to destroy healthy cells (watch the video) and evade destruction by our immune systems. It’s time for us to get smarter. I take fermented cod liver oil, high dose vitamin C, beta glucan, astragalus and bovine colostrum daily.

Want to have great health and lots of energy? We have to work for it. One of the secrets is to have a super strong immune system and keep our total pathogenic burden as low as possible.

“You wouldn’t know it, but there is an elaborate stealth communication network in the Earth beneath your feet. This smart web acts like a superorganism, fortifying defensive capabilities and coordinating deadly attacks on unsuspecting targets. But it’s not run by the NSA, the CIA, or the military.”

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Dr Emerson was recently interviewed on ‘Know the Cause’, the most popular health television programme in the US.

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