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Autism is a Brain Injury With Causes 4 July 2017

From the DIDMTSU (Department of I Don’t Make This Stuff Up).
Autism is a brain injury, just like Alzheimers Disease.
Injury happens for a reason.
The gut is well accepted as a cause.
But there are other factors that should always be addressed,
And they are in the scientific literature.
Autism should not be just about assigning a label.

Factors involved:

1. Gut.
2. Heavy metals.
“To protect a baby during pregnancy or shortly after birth, pay attention to current lead exposure. The biggest danger is living in older homes with lead in paint, she added. But minimizing exposure to lead during home renovation is also important. Water usually isn’t a prime cause of lead exposure, said Dickerson. But she advises mothers to test water where they live.”
3. Genetics.
“A common theory with autism says that there’s a genetic factor with an environmental trigger. So, some kids with certain genotypes can process metal while others can’t.”
4. Mineral Deficiency.
“In the same study, lower levels of zinc and manganese were also linked to autism. And they’re both essential ingredients for brain development.”
5, Chronic Infections.
“Results showed that expectant mothers who had fevers during the second trimester of pregnancy raised the odds of autism by 40 percent. Autism risk was more than tripled for children of women who had three or more fevers after 12 weeks of pregnancy.”

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Dr Emerson was recently interviewed on ‘Know the Cause’, the most popular health television programme in the US.

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