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Are Receipts Causing Estrogen Dominance? 28 May 2015

I wrote the other day about estrogen dominance. I wrote about the dangers of micro plastics in cosmetics and their effects as xeno-estrogens (environental estrogen mimics). I’ve written about the dangers of water from plastic bottles. I’ve documented how Bisphenol A was originally developed as an estrogen replacement drug and that “Bisphenol A free” probably just means that it has been replaced with Bisphenol B which is just as toxic.
Now we know that when we grab the paper receipt from the supermarket we get liquid plastic on our hands which gets absorbed into our skin.
Is there any wonder hormonal imbalance is such a problem?
No plastic coated receipt at the farmers market though.
“The findings follow previous reports that BPS, like BPA, can mimic estrogen in humans and animals.The potential human health hazards of BPS’s estrogen-mimicking remain unknown. But researchers have linked BPA to obesity, cardiovascular diseases, cancers, infertility, neurological problems and asthma.”

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