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  • Bacteria Can Persist in the Body

    “Professor Jan Michiels who led the study explained that persister cells are a major contributor to treatment failure. Persister cells are produced in low numbers, but nevertheless make it almost impossible to completely remove the bug from the patient. As a result, eradication of infections through antibiotic treatment usually takes a long time,”

  • Borrelia Infections (Lyme) Are the New Great Imitator

    Neurological infections with borrelia can present as acute strokes.

  • Borrelia and Mould Video Interview

    One of my new interviews with Doug Kaufmann and the great team at Know the Cause. We discuss the increasing evidence that mould is involved in most cases of Lyme disease, how mould uses mycotoxins to knock off its competition so it has us all to itself, statin drugs having anti-fungal benefits and why it might be better to ask a Huauroni tribesman living deep in the Amazon about mould and the immu…

  • Vitamin C and Ebola

    It’s never a good idea to tell people who are getting results that what they are doing can’t be done. History is littered with such examples including Roger Bannister with the 4 minute mile and Dr Klenner with vitamin C and polio.

  • Progress With Borrelia

    Work being done on which antibiotics work best on the bacteria that cause chronic persisting infections like borrelia “The most exciting part of the development of the test, Zhang says, is that his team has already used it

  • Farmers Know Lots About Health

    Text from the latest farming book I’m reading, heading- Fungal Disease. “The great curse of degraded land with unbalanced pH is the proliferation off fungal conditions,

  • Borrelia and Mould Have Studied Sun Tzu's Art of War Part 3.

    As the tide of the war turned in favour of the Viet Cong, their General was instructed to mount an all out frontal attack on the US forces. He realised it was a grave mistake and modified the strategy to use multiple small attacks all over the country.

  • Borrelia and Mould Have Studied Sun Tzu's Art of War Part 2.

    We now jump forward in time about 2500 years to the start of the Vietnam war. The US General had trained in WW2. He saw war as a chess game- a game of attrition fought by 2 armies fighting head on.

  • Borrelia and Mould Have Studied Sun Tzu's Art of War Part 1

    As the Ebola virus panic starts to spread I thought I’d spend the next few weeks writing about our war with microbes. That’s going about as well as our war on drugs and our war on cancer.

  • Rifampicin Useful For Chronic Chlamydia Pneumoniae

    Chlamydia pneumoniae is one of the bacteria that can become a stealth infection- persisting in the body as a chronic intracellular infection. The organism is hard to kill but rifampicin can be effective.

Dr Emerson was recently interviewed on ‘Know the Cause’, the most popular health television programme in the US.

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