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  • Treat Worms as Well as Blastocystis

    “Coinfection with E. vermicularis (pinworm) may act as a factor favoring D. fragilis infection by preventing eradication measures and suggest that both parasites may be treated simultaneously.”

  • Dire Consequences of Social Isolation

    Mass shootings and social unrest dominate the news. There seems to be something fundamentally wrong with the world at the moment.

  • Environmental Toxins May Damage Brown Fat

    Remember that brown fat is brown because it is high in mitochondria.
    Mitochondria convert food into energy (ATP) and heat (thermogenesis).

  • Chronic Infections Cause Vascular Inflammation

    Qui Plantavit Curabit- He who has planted will preserve.

  • Never Give Up

    We do not have to accept the health card we were dealt by our genes or our environment.
    We have the power to change it.

  • Health Lessons from a Sioux Chief

    “No man will eat three times each sun if he would keep his body strong and his mind unclouded.”

  • Thistle- A Medicine, Not a Weed

    Plants have no immune systems. They protect themselves from microbes and competitors with thousands of powerful nutrients.

  • Lessons From the Last Samurai

    Don’t wait until you get sick to start to get healthy. When the ninja attack is not the time to start sword fighting lessons.

  • Ozone Kills Pathogenic Microbes

    As pathogenic microbes become more resistant to anti-microbial drugs such as antibiotics, as we learn that destruction of the gut microbiome by the long term use of antibiotics has serious consequences, the world searches for ways to kill pathogens without harming normal cells.”

  • Tick Bone Infections in Australia

    But just because one doctor has not seen a case, does not mean the disease dose not exist, nor that other people are not seeing it. I’ve not seen a case of premature labour in 15 years because I don’t deliver babies anymore. It doesn’t mean that premature labour does not occur in Australia.

Dr Emerson was recently interviewed on ‘Know the Cause’, the most popular health television programme in the US.

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