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  • Mercury Amalgams and Illness

    The absurdity of the worlds most toxic heavy metal being placed in our mouths is now becoming mainstream. Watch the video on Dr Oz.

  • Chelation Therapy Reduces Risk of Heart Disease

    “Reduced cardiovascular events by 18 percent compared to a placebo treatment.

  • Heavy Metals Are Involved in Autism

    “We hypothesize that reducing early exposure to toxic metals may help ameliorate symptoms of autism, and treatment to remove toxic metals may reduce symptoms of autism; these hypotheses need further exploration, as there is a growing body of research to support it.”

  • Fluoride Decreases the Fertility of Rats

    “These results suggest that female reproductive function is inhibited by sodium fluoride and that exposure to sodium fluoride causes ovarian and uterine structural damage. Sodium fluoride may thus significantly reduce the fertility of female rats.”

  • Mercury Exposure Increases Risk of Diabetes

    Our results are consistent with findings from laboratory studies and provide longitudinal human data, suggesting that people with high mercury exposure in young adulthood may have elevated risk of diabetes later in life.

  • Lead.....Why I Take a Natural Chelating Agent Everyday

    “The levels are still two orders of magnitude higher than natural human levels, which have been determined by studying skeletal remains of native Americans dating to before the industrial revolution.”

  • More Information on Dangers of Fluoridated Water

    “The following video interviewing National Research Council scientists, a Nobel laureate in medicine, a professor of dentistry and other professionals summarizes the evidence fairly succinctly … and makes the case that our understanding of the damage fluoride can cause to our brains is like our growing understanding in the 1970s of the dangers of lead”

  • Global Treaty Recommends Phasing out Mercury Amalgams

    The treaty says that certain mercury-added products, such as batteries, lamps, switches, skin-lightening cosmetics, pesticides and thermometers, may not be manufactured, imported or exported no later than 2020.

  • Heavy Metals Are Poisoning All of Us

    “Medical tests conducted on 16 residents of Adekunle Fajuyi Estate, off Adeniyi Jones, Ikeja, Lagos, who are exposed to fumes from Universal Steels Limited, revealed heavy metals in their blood, urine and water that could lead to death.”

  • US Paediatrician Speaks Out Against Fluoride

    Click on the link below to see why a US Paediatrician no longer supports water fluoridation.

Dr Emerson was recently interviewed on ‘Know the Cause’, the most popular health television programme in the US.

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