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  • Time to Measure Our Waists

    “According to the U.S. National Institutes of Health, the risk of disease is high with a waist circumference greater than 35 inches for women (88 cm) and more than 40 inches (102 cm) for men.

  • Predisposed to Candida?

    In the meantime, get amazed by the power of berberine- it’s both anti-fungal and dissolves biofilms.

  • Why I Juice Dandelion Leaves

    Dandelion is minerally hungry. It sucks minerals out of the soil. Not good for the nearby plants, but good for us if we know how to use dandelion.

  • Sometimes We Have to Fight

    “To be prepared for war is the most effectual way to promote peace.”

  • My Latest Podcast on Energy Biohacking

    I always try and write content that I think has practical applications to a broad audience but I genuinely believe that the information I’m sharing in the is Podcast is important for everyone to consider.

  • Cancer Treatments Should be Individualised

    1 in 2 of us are going to die of heart disease, the rest of us of cancer. I think we better have a strategy for both. I’m not waiting around for either. As they said about the great Theodore Roosevelt, “He didn’t say charge, he said, follow me.”

  • Teddy Roosevelt Would of Been Into Energy Biohacking

    I really enjoyed the biography of George Washington. I’m halfway through the biography of Red Cloud, the famous and ferocious Sioux chief.

  • Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

    I have written a lot about intermittent fasting recently. I’ve talked a lot about what I do. We will be training others to do it on our courses in Queenstown

  • Breakfast IS the Most Important Meal of the Day

    Breakfast is when we Break Our Fast. But I break my fast much later in the day.

  • George Washington Teaches Us to Be Open to New Therapies

    If our treatment strategies are not working in medicine, we should not be paralysed by fear, or intimidated into subjugation and not try new options if science or research suggests that it might be of benefit to the suffering.

Dr Emerson was recently interviewed on ‘Know the Cause’, the most popular health television programme in the US.

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