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  • Postural Hypotension (POTS) Can Be Caused By Lyme

    “Autonomic instability in Lyme, while rare, has been previously reported.”

  • Lyme Disease Can Cause Movement Disorders Like Tourettes

    Chronic stealth infections can present with a wide variety of neurological symptoms. Sometimes IV antibiotics are required.

  • Children Bitten by Ticks Need Proper Assessment

    “Clinicians should maintain suspicion for tick-borne diseases in children with acute infectious illnesses, and consider treating such patients presumptively to prevent complications.

  • Ticks and Lyme Disease

    “With incisor-like claws that can tunnel beneath your skin in seconds, ticks are rapidly becoming the world’s scariest purveyors of deadly pathogens.”

  • IV Ceftriaxone Now Available at My Clinic For Lyme Disease

    1. Synovitis with an increased ESR
    2. Symptoms present for > 1 year
    3. Age > 60
    4. Acute carditis
    5. Immune deficiency
    6. Failure of oral therapy

  • Bovine Colostrum Protects Against Influenza

    I start each day with a super food elixir high in bovine colostrum. The scientific evidence for bovine colostrum and its immune benefits continues to accumulate. This study showed that bovine colostrum reduced the incidence and mortality of influenza in mice.

  • For Resistant Lyme IV Ceftriaxone Might Work

    I don’t like antibiotics unless they are absolutely necessary. It’s why I write constantly about my 6 point immune programme. However if severe chronic Lyme is present, IV antibiotics may be necessary for a month.

  • Keep Your Immune System Strong and Avoid Ticks

    The stronger ones immune system, the shorter time the tick is attached, the less likely one is likely to develop Lyme disease. Lyme disease should be considered in anyone with rash, arthritis or neurodegenerative diseases.

  • Our Immune Systems Need to Be Supported

    Our immune systems are good but unfortunately they have been assaulted with a myriad of environmental toxins and poor food choices (sugar paralyses white cells for up to 6 hours). Instead of depleting the army which keeps us free of infections we need to send it the right supplies…hence my 6 point immune system plan.

  • Bovine Colostrum- Why I've Been Starting My Day With it For Years

    I read the news. I know the infections we are battling. I have a clinic full of people with chronic infections whose lives have been devastated by chronic stealth infections. I know the infections that are still to come. I have written constantly about my 7 point immune strategy (previously 6 but I’m getting more worried!!). Here’s why bovine colostrum from organic grass fed cows is high up on tha…

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