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  • Are Receipts Causing Estrogen Dominance?

    Now we know that when we grab the paper receipt from the supermarket we get liquid plastic on our hands which gets absorbed into our skin.

  • Why We Have Mineral Water in Glass Bottles at the Clinic

    It’s because we like our hormones.

  • Bottled Water Affects Our Hormones

    “The researchers tested 18 samples of various commercially sold water bottles from around the globe. Through chemical analyses, they tested the water to determine if it interfered with the body’s estrogen and androgen receptors.The researchers were shocked to learn that most of the bottled waters revealed interference with both kinds of hormone receptors; amounts as little as 0.1 ounces inhibited…

  • Toxic Mould is Damaging Our Health

    My latest interview on mould in the environment and a discussion on how the Indian herb, Gymnema (traditionally used for diabetes) has been shown to break down mould hyphae…the spider web that mould uses to spread though the tissues of the body. The whole show is good. I’m on at 20:20.

  • We Are Deep in the Hole

    We have no idea how deep in the hole we are. We have no idea of the consequences of the things we have done to ourselves.

  • Chelation Therapy Effective For Heart Disease

    We are born with 1000x more lead in our body than we had 400 years ago. I have seen so many people with high lead levels on urine challenge tests lately (a typical blood test is useless because it just shows how much lead you have been exposed to that day). This is a great video that discusses how important it is to keep our lead levels as low as possible.

  • Bisphenol S Lowers Testosterone Levels

    I’m seeing increasing numbers of young men devastated by low testosterone levels. We know that Bisphenol A is an estrogen mimic used in plastic that can lower testosterone levels. So it was taken out an replaced with Bisphenol S and advertised as “Bisphenol A free” when Bisphenol S does exactly the same thing. Minimise ingestion of anything in plastic.

  • Lead Causes Brain Injury

    A chelated 8 hour urine challenge test is a better way of showing the total body burden of lead.

  • Fluoride Update

    “There is huge doubt that low levels of fluoride in water reduces tooth decay as it is now well established that the vast benefit from fluoride is topical not systematic i.e. has to be applied to teeth not swallowed. All large scale studies around the world show very little difference is decay rates.

  • Fluoride in Our Water Increases Lead in Our Bodies

    No amount of lead in the body is safe. Adding fluoride in our water increases the absorption of lead and aluminium into our bodies (and probably mercury too). Just one of the reasons I only drink spring water or filtered rain water.

Dr Emerson was recently interviewed on ‘Know the Cause’, the most popular health television programme in the US.

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