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  • Intravenous Vitamin C in Sepsis...Try.

    More than a million Americans fall ill from severe sepsis annually, and between 28 and 50 percent of them die. Sepsis kills between 6 and 8 million people each year.

  • How Running Late For a Conference Helped Clean My Sinuses

    I spoke at a nutrition conference on Saturday. My talk was on Pyrrole disorder and the link to Ancestral Health.

  • Chronic Illness?....Must watch This Video

    If you, or anyone you know is tired or their muscles ache, or they have sore joints, or they take statin drugs or they are depressed or they have strange neurological symptoms, or they have chronic fatigue/fibromyalgia…you must share this video with them.

  • Black Seed Oil Repels Ticks

    So if you’re wandering in the bush and come across some giant Tarzan wannabe that smells like turpentine and fire ant juice….yes it’s likely to be me.

  • We Need to Lift Our Game Against Fungi

    “Candida auris is a pathogenic yeast species that has been reported to cause bloodstream infections, wound infections, and otitis.”

  • Black Seed Oil Kills Blastocystis

    “The aqueous extract of nigella sativa (black seed oil) showed a potent lethal effect on B. hominis isolates in vitro.”

  • Why Biofilms Must be Addressed

    “Recent studies have demonstrated that medically relevant fungi such as Candida albicans and Aspergillus fumigatus also form biofilms during infection. These fungal biofilms share many similarities with those of bacteria,”

  • Intestinal Parasites Can Cause Thyroid Inflammation

    You are sitting in your living room when the sewerage pipe breaks.
    Raw sewerage starts creeping over the floor like a lava flow from an active volcano.

  • Chronic Infections Causing Neurological Degeneration

    Chronic neurological degenerative disease can range from autism and behavioural disorders in children, through mental illness in later life and though to dementia/MS etc in the elderly.

  • Treat Worms as Well as Blastocystis

    “Coinfection with E. vermicularis (pinworm) may act as a factor favoring D. fragilis infection by preventing eradication measures and suggest that both parasites may be treated simultaneously.”

Dr Emerson was recently interviewed on ‘Know the Cause’, the most popular health television programme in the US.

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