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Aloe Vera 25 July 2009

Progressive destruction of collagen is one of the reasons we move from anabolic to catabolic metabolism. Collagen is manufactured by cells called fibroblasts and production of collagen decreases with age. Fortunately recent research has shown that fibroblast production of collagen can be increased by aloe vera. Previously research had shown that aloe vera applied to a wound accelerates and strengthens wound healing. Recent advances in processing have now made aloe vera suitable for consumption as well as topical use. Studies have shown that aloe vera as a tonic results in faster healing and increased collagen production. Other benefits were found in immunity, detoxification and intestinal health. The end result is an overall move towards anabolic and away from catabolic metabolism.

In my opinion, a daily dose of aloe vera juice is a powerful antiaging measure for anyone over the age of 30 because of its effects on collagen. Aloe vera comes as either inner leaf or whole leaf preparations. Whole leaf preparations are used for their purgative effect while inner leaf preparations don’t have this effect. Take 50 mls in the morning before food.

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