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Acne 25 July 2009

Acne is caused by only one thing- over acidification of blood and tissues with development of systemic fungal overgrowth. The body functions optimally at a slightly alkaline terrain yet we exist in an environment that increases acidity- stress, physical exertion, negative emotions, acidic food, acidic water and environmental toxins. The skin then acts as the bodies ‘third kidney’ to help excrete metabolic acids.

There are 4 main factors which should be addressed to eliminate acne:

  1. Alkalinise the blood and tissues. Drinking copious amounts of alkaline water (pH 9.5) is the single most important action everyone can take for their health in my opinion. This should be combined with intake of predominantly alkaline food and reduction of stress. This will even reduce elevated hormone levels that may be involved.
  2. Minimise or eradicate food sensitivities (dairy products are almost always involved).
  3. Supplement with zinc if body measurements of zinc (other than a serum zinc level which is not accurate) are low.
  4. Use alkaline skin products (available at my clinic) several times a day to clean the skin and apply Advanced Cellular Silver (ACS) on a piece of tissue to problem areas 2-3 times a day.

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