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7-Keto DHEA 25 July 2009

7-Keto DHEA is a metabolite of DHEA. It has been shown to boost immune function and help reduce body fat but unlike DHEA does not convert to oestrogen and testosterone. Levels of 7-Keto follow the same course as DHEA — beginning to decline at the age of 28. This decline is partially responsible for the increase in body fat and decrease in immune function seen after this age.

Studies have demonstrated that supplementation with 7-Keto is safe and free of side effects. In particular the absence of conversion to oestrogen or testosterone makes 7-Keto a safe alternative for persons with hormone sensitive cancers who may be worried about taking DHEA.

Studies in patients over the age of 65 who supplemented with 7-Keto have shown an increase in immune function.

7-Keto produces fat loss through thermogenesis — creation of heat from the burning of stored fat. It does this by boosting levels of liver enzymes responsible for the burning of fat. Research has also documented an increase in thyroid hormone activity that increases metabolic rate. It confirmed that 7-Keto can significantly and safely reduce body weight and body fat when combined with exercise and a reduced calorie diet. Unlike caffeine and ephedrine, 7-Keto does not stimulate the central nervous system or increase heart rate or blood pressure.

7-Keto has been shown to dramatically increase the good HDL cholesterol while decreasing the bad LDL cholesterol. Additionally a significant rise in beneficial apoprotein A-1 occurred.

Preliminary data also suggests that 7-Keto may benefit people with Raynaud’s syndrome. Raynaud’s syndrome results in vasoconstriction of blood vessels of the fingers and toes in cold weather. 7-Keto may help prevent this by increasing the basal metabolic rate and boosting levels of thyroid hormone T3.

The benefits of DHEA supplementation can be increased by combining it with 7-Keto. In particular lower doses of DHEA can be used while still obtaining additional progress in optimising immune function, improving cholesterol and increasing weight loss. This is particularly important for women who may develop androgenic side-effects with higher doses of DHEA.

In my opinion, combining DHEA and 7-Keto is a safe and effective way or restoring anabolic metabolism as we age. Remember that the benefits occur gradually as tissue levels are optimised. Research suggests that 25 to 50 milligrams of 7-Keto are appropriate. Doses should NOT be increased looking for rapid results.

The best time to take 7-Keto is in the morning when the body’s natural production peaks.

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