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Dr Greg Emerson founded the Emerson Health and Wellness Centre in October 2005. In May 2008 he became the joint medical director of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine Queensland and in 2011 he became the Medical Director of Treat the Cause Clinic. The clinic is located at 1 Mooney St, Logan Central (ph 07 33397910).

Dr Greg Emerson uses a comprehensive integrated approach to health and delaying aging based upon the biology of the neuroendocrine system, nutrition, fitness and supplementation. The focus is initially on the prevention of illness, prolonging health and delaying ageing by increasing internal resistance to disease. If disease has already occurred, the initial goal is to determine why the bodies’ natural healing, immune and repair systems have not worked. These factors are then addressed to enable these systems to function optimally and the body to heal itself. An illness is often like a red dashboard light coming on while you are driving. The best response is to pull over and read the manual or stop at a garage to investigate it. Ignoring it or cutting the wire to the red light so you don’t have to look at it is less advisable. However, that’s potentially what we are doing if we rely on drugs or surgery alone.

A large array of biomedical markers of ageing are used to assess and monitor the ageing process. This includes levels of cells, nutrients, enzymes, minerals, vitamins, heavy metals, cancer markers and hormones in blood, saliva and urine. Live and dried blood microscopy are frequently performed. Physical parameters of fitness, body composition and bone density may also be measured.

Individual lifestyle programmes are then suggested to prevent degenerative diseases and delay the ageing process. Programmes may include nutritional changes, detoxification, nutritional supplements, heavy metal chelation and natural (bioidentical) hormones.

Before your appointment, you will be provided with a number of forms and questionnaires to complete. A number of unique, essential nutritional supplements are available at the clinic. Only the highest quality brands available internationally in each category are stocked.

The 3 core principles of the Centre are:

  1. Every patient has the right to be treated with respect and politeness and adequate time given to properly listen to the presenting problem.
  2. Every patient has the right to a comprehensive search for the underlying cause of the disease rather than just an on-going treatment of a set of symptoms. Most ‘diseases’ are not diseases but are symptoms of an underlying toxicity and an imbalance in the neuroendocrine system.
  3. The secret to vitality and longevity is maintaining the acid:alkaline balance of the body to reduce pathogenic load, ongoing detoxification of environmental toxins and hormonal balance.

Dr Emerson believes that this balanced approach towards health and healing produces much better results than a focused, specific, symptom-based approach to the treatment of disease using drugs or surgery. He constantly reminds himself of Hippocrates most famous principles- “first do no harm” and “honour the healing power of nature.”

The Centre now offers:

  • Bioidentical hormone replacement and monitoring.
  • Skin testing for inhaled allergies and desensitisation using sublingual drops.
  • Assessment of food and chemical sensitivities.
  • Testing for micronutrient, heavy metal, hormone and essential fatty acid deficiencies.
  • Individualised nutritional supplement programmes.
  • Intravenous and oral heavy metal detoxification programmes.
  • Chelation therapy.
  • Intravenous provocation tests using EDTA and DMPS for the diagnosis of heavy metal toxicity.
  • Megadose intravenous vitamin therapy for acute and chronic illnesses (including vitamin C, B vitamins and the Myers Protocol).

Treat the Cause Clinic is located at 1 Mooney St, Logan Central, Brisbane (5 minutes from Ikea). There is ample free parking.