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High Blood Pressure is Often Just Physics

I reviewed someone today who was on 4 high blood pressure medications.
My mind meandered back to some old physics lectures in the hallowed halls of Victoria University in Wellington.
I can remember towing my motorbike helmet and wet weather gear around lecture halls having braved Wellingtons wind and rain on a 100cc Suzuki 40 minute motorbike safari….with a single, seemingly impossible goal of being smart enough to get into Medical School.
That was 1982, now 34 years later I write about dandelion roots.
But that’s another story…I digress as usual.

So I have this cob webbed memory of flow being equal to pressure divided by resistance. F= P/R
The only real reason we have a blood pressure…is to ensure adequate delivery of blood and oxygen to our tissues.
That blood and oxygen is delivered by plumbing pipes call arteries.
Most hypertension is caused by progressive hardening of those pipes.
They harden due to inflammation.
It’s much harder to pump water through a lead pipe than a soft plastic hose.
So as the arteries harden, the resistance increases.
As resistance increases, flow will decrease.
So pressure goes up to maintain adequate flow.
F= P/R
So then if we use drugs to reduce that pressure again, without changing resistance….what happens to flow to vital organs. Yes it decreases. There is a reason they are called vital.

I would suggest that a systematic check for the reasons that arteries get inflamed and stiffen and then correction of those factors to normalise resistance is a better strategy. Some of the risk factors include low nitric oxide levels, low magnesium, elevated homocysteine, elevated lipoprotein a, microbes such as yeasts and bacteria, heavy metals, high insulin levels, high blood sugar levels….. I could go on all night but you get the picture.
In the meantime, plant a beetroot and dust off the juicer. That beet will do wonders for nitric oxide levels.

About Dr. Greg Emerson

Dr Greg Emerson- proud father, medical specialist, permaculture farmer, sustainable living advocate and wilderness survival enthusiast. He is interviewed regularly on America’s most popular health television programme because of his dedication to finding the underlying root cause of illnesses. He writes regularly for one of Americas most widely distributed health newsletters. When not working in his clinic he is tending to his garden, caring for his animals, roaming the wilderness or practicing his survival skills.

He was the Founder and Medical Director of the Emerson Health and Wellness Centre which opened in October 2005. From May 2008 to October 2011 he was co-director of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine Queensland. He then again decided to take the road less travelled and founded Dr Greg Emerson’s Treat the Cause Clinic, based in Brisbane. He is a consultant in Nutritional and Environmental Medicine, a senior specialist in Emergency Medicine and in Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine.

For 18 years he practiced in several large public hospitals including 2 years as an Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine at the University of Alberta Hospital in Edmonton, Canada, senior specialist at the Royal Brisbane Department of Emergency Medicine and as the Director of the Wesley Center for Hyperbaric Medicine in Brisbane. He participated in helicopter retrieval of critically ill patients for the Shock Trauma Air Rescue Society (STARS) in Canada and the Royal Flying Doctor Service in Australia for over 8 years. He is a past senior lecturer, examiner and board member for the Australian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine. He is a past examiner for the Australasian College of Emergency Medicine.

A long personal battle with illness led him on a profound exploration of healing processes and the prevention of illness. He reappraised both his medical focus and the way he approached health care delivery.

He has undertaken postgraduate training in:

  • Nutritional and Environmental medicine with the Australian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine (ACNEM).
  • Specific targeted nutrient therapies in mental illness, behavioural disorders and autism with the Walsh-Pfeiffer Institute.
  • Free Radical Therapy with the Institute for Health Realities.
  • Bioidentical hormones and anti-aging medicine with the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.
  • Allergies and sublingual desensitisation with the Pan American Allergy Society (PAAS).
  • Heavy metal toxicity and biological detoxification with the American College for Advancement in Medicine (ACAM) which is the world’s leading integrative medicine organisation.
  • Lyme disease and other stealth infections with the International Lyme and Associated Disease Society (ILADS). He is one of the few medical practitioners experienced in both the antibiotic and herbal protocol of chronic Lyme disease and is a member of ILADS.
  • Ozone and prolozone with Dr Robert Rowen.
  • Wilderness Survival skills with multiple organisations, including ex Australian Special Forces (SAS) personnel and Native Americans in Arizona.

He is an active member of ILADS, the Wilderness Medical Society and the International Association of Ozone in Healthcare and a Fellow of both the Australian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine and the Australasian College of Emergency Medicine.

He is one of the founding members of the Australian Chronic Infectious Disease Society- a group of physicians who specialize in the treatment of chronic stealth infections including mycoplasma pneumoniae, Lyme disease and its co-infections, parasites and mould.
He is an active member of the New Zealand Soil and Health Association working to address the problems caused by industrial agriculture, pesticides and genetic engineering.

He has been a student of acupuncture since 1990 and spent a year working alongside a Professor of Traditional Chinese Medicine to better understand the Eastern Medicine approach to disease and traditional Chinese herbs. He has also attended courses in the US with Ron Teeguarden on the use of Chinese herbs, David Wolfe on raw food nutrition and Daniel Vitalis on herbal elixirs. As a result he offers a rare ability to approach health and wellness from both a highly trained Western and Eastern medical perspective.

In 1997 he published the Western world’s largest epidemiological research paper on pesticide poisoning and has written extensively in the medical literature on carbon monoxide poisoning and diving medicine. He is the author of the chapter on decompression illness in the prestigious Textbook of Adult Emergency Medicine. In 2008 he co-authored a research paper on the use of intravenous magnesium in cardiac arrythmias which was published in the journal Academic Emergency Medicine. In 1997 he published the first ever research on the pharmacodynamics of sedative drugs in a hyperbaric chamber.

Dr Emerson played professional basketball for five years. He is a certified PADI dive instructor. On a personal note he is an enthusiastic skier and wilderness explorer. He teaches wilderness survival skills, energy biohacking techniques, resilience training, wild food foraging and traditional food preparation skills in the mountains and lakes around Queenstown and Wanaka in the South Island of New Zealand.

He lives on his 50 acre organic permaculture farm deep in the Gold Coast hinterland. He is passionate about sustainability, self-sufficiency, neo-aboriginal life ways, wilderness survival and wild food foraging. He breeds Senepol cattle, Huacaya alpacas and Boar goats and shares the land with 3 geese, 50 heritage chickens, 2 heritage turkeys, 6 guinea fowl, 6 peacocks and several hundred thousand bees.

He believes in the intrinsic ability of the body to heal itself if the underlying cause of the illness is addressed. His practice revolves around identifying the sub-clinical defects common to all degenerative diseases.

Qualifications Summary

  • MBChB – Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery
  • DipObs – Diploma of Obstetrics
  • DipDHM – Diploma of Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine
  • FACEM – Fellow of the Australasian College of Emergency Medicine
  • FACNEM – Fellow of the Australian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine

“Native people everywhere discovered essentials of life and following fundamental nutritional laws, lived in harmony with nature. Modern civilisation has chosen to ignore these fundamental truths. The wisdom of native societies in understanding laws of nature and living in harmony with these laws is a treasure humanity must not lose if we ever wish to regain our lost strength and resistance to disease.

Though many today would prefer otherwise, nutrition is not a matter of opinion; nor are moral ideals of truth, honesty, integrity, loyalty and service that have been held in common in traditional societies for thousands of generations. The price of societies decision to ignore natural laws governing these fundamental aspects of human life is the physical and spiritual bankruptcy threatening Western Society today.”
Ronald Schmid.

Dr Emerson was recently interviewed on ‘Know the Cause’, the most popular health television programme in the US.

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